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The episode starts with Pallo Mami warns Imlie that she will not do any interference in Bulbul’s marriage. Imlie tells Pallo Mami that she will not come but Bulbul tells Imlie that she will not be scared of anyone and even Mama is with Imlie. Mama suggests Imlie that she should stop worrying about themselves and thinks about her married life.

Meanwhile CJ tells Indira that he has not been informed about Surya ‘s marriage but at the same time Surya arrives with Imlie. Indira tells CJ that Surya has arrived with the shameless girl. CJ tells Indira to bring Aarti because he will make Imlie’s as his bro. Indira is not happy what CJ is doing but she can’t do anything. Indira tells CJ to tell Imlie to take the complaint back and allow Surya back to work but Imlie tells Indira that she will not take the complaint back.

Imlie tells Hemlata that she knows that Surya hasn’t killed directly but it’s because of Surya’s negligence and she wants Surya to be punished and learn a lesson. Indira tells CJ that he can see Imlie’s thought. Surya tells Indira that Imlie is correct. Nirmala tells Indira that what happens to the men in the house one is supporting her and another is taking Aarti. CJ tells Nirmala that this is his house and he doesn’t want anyone to interfere in his matter. Surya takes the blessings of CJ and CJ is impressed with Imlie.

Surya and Imlie come to their room. Imlie falls unconscious and she is about to fall but Surya holds her. Surya tells Imlie to take care because she is not well because she has donated 2 units of blood. Surya thanks Imlie for saving his life but Imlie double thanks for saving Bulbul’s marriage and alliance. Imlie tells Surya that his impression is down. Surya tells Imlie that he will try to fix the issue between them. Surya gets a call from Anjali’s mom and she tells him that Anjali has locked herself in the room. Sweta tells Surya that she is worried about Anjali.

CJ sits for dinner with everyone. CJ calls Imlie and Surya for dinner. Nirmala tells CJ that Surya is in his room and he is suspended now. CJ tells Arjun to Imlie. Arjun comes to call Imlie. Arjun tells Imlie that he thinks that she is hungry. Imlie comes for the dinner and Indira gets up from the dining table. Imlie requests Indira to have dinner and she will not sit with them.

Surya comes to Anjali’s house and asks her to open the door. Anjali tells Surya that she will not open the door. Surya tells Anjali that he will break the door. Anjali opened the door. Surya tells Anjali to stop her madness and nothing left between them. Surya tells Anjali that now he is a married man and warn her.

Imlie sits on the floor having dinner. Nirmala and Malti taunt Imlie and call her selfish. Malti tells Imlie that she has eaten anything when Raghu was in jail. Imlie stops her dinner. Nirmala learns from Malti that Surya has gone to meet Anjali. Nirmla calls Anjali and suggest her to stop Surya. Anjali runs to Surya and hugs him. Surya tells Anjali to have her dinner but Anjali tells Surya that she will not eat anything. Anjali insists Surya have dinner with him. Anjali takes Surya to her room and she mixes wine in Surya’s juice. Surya drinks the juice and slowly slowly Surya gets intoxicated.

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Imlie 13th April 2024 Written Update: Mami wans Imlie