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Episode starts with reporter asking Imlie, what’s her husband name? Imlie says her husband is God. She lies to everyone that in her village it’s ritual to apply vermilion to worship God. Tripathis get convinced with Imlie’s answer. Imlie leaves from there saying she doesn’t want to answer anything now.

Imlie gets restless and nervous. Aditya goes behind her and tells her to calm down. Imlie apologises to Aditya saying she shouldn’t have come back to create all the problems. She didn’t want the truth to come out. Aditya gives her water and says she only told the truth nothing else. They both can’t run away from the truth for long. Aditya hugs Imlie. He says Imlie should stop crying. Janendra takes picture of Aditya and Imlie hugging each other. He thinks of exposing Aditya. Imlie tells Aditya to stop Janendra but Aditya says let the truth come out. He doesn’t care. Imlie gets shocked.

Janendra rings calling bell at Tripathi house and Suraj drags him outside. Nishant opens the door but sees nobody. Suraj says to Janendra how can he reach his colleague’s house for personal grudge. Aditya reaches home with Imlie. Aditya then talks to Janendra saying making news of someone’s personal life is not journalism. Their fight is against injustice not this. Janendra says Aditya is liar as he is keeping two wives in his house. Aditya loses his temper and tries to attack him. Aditya says media can ruin Imlie’s career after this news. Imlie belongs to Jandendra’s village will he become happy after his village’s insult. Aditya says Janendra has no idea about Malini as well. Aditya reveals its really hard for him to keep on hiding the truth. Janendra leaves. Suraj gets worried for Aditya. Aditya says he doesn’t want to hide the truth anymore.

Imlie meets Aparna. Aparna asks is Imlie upset because of the question regarding marriage? Aparna tells her not to think much as not everyone can understand their village ritual. Imlie gets to know that Malini didn’t eat anything. Imlie feels upset for Malini as she couldn’t go on dinner with Aditya. Imlie serves food to Aditya. Aditya tells Imlie to have food with him. Imlie makes excuses. Malini comes in the meantime. Aditya asks Malini why she didn’t fill up the form yet? Imlie could have submitted the hard copy tomorrow. Malini says she forgot to tell due to plan changes also the deadline is not over. Imlie leaves them alone thinking Malini needs some alone time with Aditya. Imlie says she wants to sleep. She won’t eat with them.

Harish scolds Imlie for not filling up the form on time. Aditya blames Malini again in front of family members. Malini gets upset and goes to room. Aparna tells Aditya to apologise to Malini. Aditya says why he always has to say sorry.

Aditya says sorry to Malini. Malini says she doesn’t feel bad anymore. Malini lashes out at Aditya saying why he is ignoring her like that using his work as excuse. Malini asks why Aditya got married to her. If he doesnt think he has commitment towards his wife. Malini demands explanation from Aditya saying why he doesn’t want to sort out anything between him and Malini. Aditya says he is scared of Malini’s reaction. She can faint and Anu is also no less. Malini says I want to know the reason tell me. Imlie goes to Aditya’s room with food. She overhears their conversation and feels she needs to stay away from Aditya and Malini

Precap- Malini asks Imlie why she is wearing Aditya’s watch. Aditya gives excuse. Malini says she will drive the car As Aditya has work. Aditya says he said he will come late to office. Malini tells Imlie that she is sitting on Malini’s place.

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