Imlie 15th May 2021 Written Update On

The Episode starts with Adi and Malini get out from the car. Malini asks Aditya have you accepted Imlie fully? Is something happened between you two? Aditya says not at all. Right now he has no relation as such with Imlie. He can never think of deceiving Imlie and Malini both. Adi and Malini enter the house and they tell Tripathis that they have talked about everything. Malini tells after tonight everything will change between them. Tripathis feel strange. Aparna says what are they thinking.

Dev calls in Tripathi house. He informs Imlie disappeared. Tripathis gets worried. Radha blames Imlie for her carelessness. Rupy says Imlie might have left because of Anu’s rudeness. Why are you all blaming her. Aparna tells them to talk slowly as Adi will get restless. Harish says we could have sent her to hostel. Nishant says she can go to Pagdandiya. Adi gets shocked and scolds his family saying how can they be so careless about Imlie. They want Imlie to roam around streets. Adi says he doesn’t want anyone’s favor he will find her out. Nishant says he will accompany him. Adi says you can engage yourself in all these discussions I am going.

Vengeful Satyakam calls his men to start their work with a murderous intent. There Malini asks Aditya are you sure you want to go on a lookout for Imlie right now? Aditya says Imlie is alone. I don’t know how is she. Malini says the reason can be different not just my mother’s rude behavior towards her. Maybe Imlie can’t see us together that’s why she left. Adi says she saw us getting married. I applied sindoor on your forehead in front of Imlie. Then how come she suddenly will feel jealous seeing us. Imlie shared her husband she always took your side. Aditya is about to leave but Malini says she wants to talk to divorce lawyer. She can’t stay in this relationship anymore. Aditya says can she wait for some time more? As he doesn’t know of Imlie’s whereabouts yet. Malini says she won’t talk about it to his family but she will start the process from now.

Adi is about to start the bike but Aparna stops him saying he can take Police’s help. He should not go alone. His life can be in danger. Adi says to Aparna you completely forgot Imlie. You used to get worried for her. Now everything is vanished. Aparna says you don’t listen to anybody. Adi leaves. Satyakam observes Adi and holds him at gunpoint. Satyakam says today Adi has to die. Satyakam follows Adi on bike.

Dev looks upset. Anu taunts him saying he is only worried for lmlie. Dev says have some shame. Don’t know where is Imlie now. Your meaningless suspicions ruined everything. You put it inside Malini’s head as well. Anu says open your eyes and see how Aditya is getting crazy for Imlie. What Imlie has said to me in front of your mother. Ask mom. Aditya has not time for going on honeymoon but has time for going behind Imlie to search for her. Try to understand Malini’s problem. Dev and his mother get worried.

Aditya reaches bus stop and shows Imlie’s photo to every people around. Some of them refuse but one auto driver says he dropped them near a lodge. Satyakam again tries to shoot Adi from a hidden place but fails to shoot when Aditya starts his bike to reach lodge. Satyakam follows him.

Aparna says Adi is not receiving his call. He doesn’t listen to anyone of us. Radha says why Adi is after Imlie when he has a wife. They have their own problems. Harish says Imlie has noone here in Delhi except us. She is Aditya’s responsiblity. She went missing. Don’t you thinks its enough reason for Adi to find her. Radha says but this much care is not needed.

Aditya rides the bike at full speed and reaches lodge. Satyakam calls his goons to come immediately. He says today Aditya’s chapter will end forever.

Precap- Aditya gets injured after the beat up. Satyakam is about to shoot him.