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The episode starts with Surya bringing the principal to Imlie and fulfilling her promise. Imlie tells Surya that she has not been thankful to him because he has misused the power of his uniform. Indira asks Imlie about her exam. Indira tells Imlie that it’s good that she is studying because she don’t want an illiterate daughter in law for her son. Indira tells Imlie that it’s good that she is trying to be capable of Surya but she don’t want Imlie to study for a limit.

Anjali calls Surya and she tells him that she wants to meet him immediately. Surya tells Anjali that he meet her tomorrow morning but Anjali insists Surya to come otherwise she will come his home as she haves the house address. Surya starts yelling at Anjali and ask her not to come . Imlie tells Surya that he must speak true to Indira that Imlie needs the education to compete in today’s world competition and wants to become successful in her life. Surya tells Imlie to control herself. Imlie tells Surya that he also thinks that a woman should stay in a limit.

Surya suggest Imlie to concentrate in her studies but Imlie insists Surya to tell Indira about her studies. Imlie tells Surya that she don’t want to sacrifice her life. Surya shows the book and her dedication but he is unable to see her sacrifice. Surya starts yelling and got hurt. Surya tells Imlie that few days ago she was living her life like a maid and now she is in her home fully relaxing. Surya suggest Imlie to pay attention in her studies. Surya tells Imlie that his dream has been broken. Imlie ask Surya to explain but he leaves the room with the pillow and sleeps outside the room.

Anjali misser all her moments she spends with Surya. Malti comes to console but Surya tells Malti that she has increased the stress in his life. Malti confess that Amma called Malti and she tried to stop her but now she realised that it’s good that Anjali is back. Malti wants Surya to marry Anjali and she knows that he don’t love Imlie. Malti tells Surya to call Anjali and accept his alliance with her. Malti suggest Surya to break with Imlie. Surya calls Anjali and tells her about her marriage. Surya tells Anjali that he wants to break up with her and ask her to leave Purwaiya.

Precap-Surya challenges to play Holi with him but Surya’s girlfriend Anjali arrives there.

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Imlie 31st March 2024 Written Update: Surya asks Anjali to leave