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Episode starts with Taiji coming to Nishant’s room. She finds the room messy and tells Nishant is still child. He can’t take care of his things. Nishant wakes up and says I will clean it all. You don’t need to worry. Tai Ji says children are always blessings for us. I can’t stay without you but you stayed without me. How?

Nishant says I missed you a lot in abroad. I was alone there though there were lot of people but you were not there. Imlie hears it and thinks is she feeling sad because of that? As everyone in the family was there for her but not babusaheb. Imlie says I don’t want to think all of it but it comes to my mind automatically. I don’t know why!

Taoji checks Imlie’s temperature. He says it’s not high but still Imlie will take rest like Malini. Imlie starts walking looking here and there. But Sundar gives her breakfast and tells her to eat it peacefully. She again manages to get outside.
But Nidhi stops her again.

Imlie goes in the kitchen and then goes outside of the house. But Aditya notices Imlie and says when Malini is taking rest then why you are roaming around? Go and take rest. Imlie says ok. Aditya forgets his tiffin. Aparna tells Sundar to give it to Aditya.

But Imlie grabs it and gets a chance to go out. She starts walking happily. She sees some men are teasing girls. They say don’t disturb us while we are playing create. Take another way to go to your destination. Its our road. The girls feel irritated. Imlie says why are you talking like that? But they mock Imlie as well.

Aditya talks to his boss over phone and his boss tells that he will not cover the bridge collapse news anymore. As many underworld people are involved in it. Aditya says but those people should get punished else if people lose their anger then it would not be easy for us to give them punishment. But Aditya boss forcefully stops him saying I am your boss don’t do what I don’t want you to do.

Aditya gets upset. Imlie notices him and thinks Aditya looks angry already. She keeps the tiffin box secretly in one side at bus stop and leaves. Aparna informs Aditya that Imlie went there to give his tiffin. Take care of her. Aditya goes to find Imlie.

Imlie again sees those men are troubling the girls. They say show your bags what’s inside. Imlie says why are you all excited to check their bags? You don’t know how to respect women. Cricket is a respectful game and women men both can play this. I will teach you how to play. She teaches them lesson and they get afraid. They run away. Aditya notices Imlie and praises how she handled everything.

Imlie says I got courage from you as you have the pen as your weapon. You share your thoughts and gives courage to people to serve justice. Aditya thinks I too wanted to hear the same thing which can motivate me. Now I won’t stop myself. He tells his boss I will cover the news as those men can bring more trouble for others by creating many more weak bridges like that. I was about to lose Malini. His boss says you are really stubborn.

Tripathis wonder where di Nishant go? They assume Nishant can go to find a girl for him. Taiji says our boys always choose girls according to their wish. We will never get the opportunity. Malini says means you don’t like me as Aditya chose me. They say not like that. You are the bestest for Aditya. Imlie hears it while studying and gets upset.

Precap- same as last day.