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The episode starts with Imlie brings down Sonali with her for the Roka. Amma ji praised Shivani for her beauty. Navya tells Amma ji that they are lucky to have their Shivani as a bahu from a respectable family. Amma gets worried and she went away. Navya gets confused why Amma ji went away so she asks Rajni about Amma ji. Agastya tells Navya that Amma ji has gone for urgent work. Rajni asks Amma ji that what happen to her.

Amma ji tells Rajni that she is scared of hearing the word respect and tells that she don’t want to break this relationship due to Imlie’s fact. Imlie assures Amma ji that she will not let happen this. Amma ji asks Imlie that why she cheated her. Imlie about to answer Amma ji just then Navya arrives. Navya asks Rajni that why is Amma ji and everyone is crying. Imlie tells Navya that they are crying because they are happy for Shivani. Navya assures Amma ji that keep Shivani as their daughter not bahu. Imlie tells Navya to have some ladoos and tells her to see the fireworks organized by Karam.

Manno comes to help Karam but he denies to take help and tells Maano to stay away from the fire.Avinash tells Shivani that this her last diwali in her house and Shivani gets emotional hearing this. Imlie lit the diyas. Rajni tells Amma ji to smile because Shivani’s in-laws are here. Jugnu tells Dolly that he will leave the job and asks his brother to come and join the job. Dolly tells Jugnu that she will talk to Amma ji after Shivani’s roka. Sonali tells Amrit that without the reason he had beats Jugnu.

Sonali suspect Amrit and Amrit gets angry on Sonali. The fireworks starts and Imlie enjoys the fireworks holding Agastya’s hand . Amma ji paises Karam and tells Navya to proceed with further formalities.
Jugnu tells his brother Chandu to get the ticket for tonight. Govind asks Jugnu why he is going. Jugnu tells Govind that he wants to go village because he doesn’t want to stay here.Rajni tells Jugnu that he had nothing did wrong saying the truth and she assures Jugnu that she will talk Amrit after the roka. Imlie tells Jugnu to serve juice and ladoos to the guest.

Imlie pours juice in the glass and Jugnu comes to take the glass but accidentally he pours juice in Imlie’s dress. Navya tells Biswa to go upstairs and at the same time Imlie goes to clean the dress . Biswa wents to Agastya’s room and Imlie arrives at the room to clean a the clothes. Imlie went out of the room and sees Biswa comes out from the Agastya’s room. Imlie asks Biswa why he is doing outside of Agastya’s room. Biswa tells Imlie that he was searching for washroom so Imlie show the washroom.

Rajni tells Imlie to inform Dolly to bring the milk for the rituals. Dolly brings the hot milk and accident the milk patila fell down from her hand. Rajni scolds Dolly for doing this and tells Imlie to bring the new packetsvof milk to warm it. Imlie went to bring the milk and gets slipped. Agastya holds Imlie from felling down. Rajni sees them and soon they leaves each other seeing Rajni infront of them. Agastya explains Rajni in a funny way. Chandu tells that love for each other like storms. Chandu show the video clips of Imlie in which she breaks the glass of Agastya’s car. Rajni asks Agastya but he went away saying that he have lots of work . Rajni asks Imlie but she tells her that the girl is her duplicate.

Bindya comes give the milk and recognise Amrit car. Imlie asks Bindya what happens.
Imlie tells Amrit that she knows that he is behind the fire incident of Chaudhary Sweets and her friend has confirmed his car outside the shop. Imlie tells Amrit that she will expose him infront of Sonali. Amrit gets angry of Imlie and tries to slap Imlie. Sonali stops Amrit and asks him why he was trying to slap Imlie after Jugnu. Imlie tells that she will the truth to Sonali.

Amrit blames Imlie that she is creating misunderstanding between them. Amrit tells Imlie that Sonali trust me alot. Sonali wants to know why he was slapping Imlie. Imlie tells Sonali that Amrit is responsible for Chaudhary Sweets fire brokeout and one her friends has identified his car today which he took at that night.

Precap-Navya breaks the rishta of Shivani and Avinash. Amma ji blames Imlie for this.

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Imlie 20th November 2023 Written Update: Rajni and Govind requests lmlie to come back home to attend Shivan’s Roka.