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The Episode begins with Adithya asking Imlie for Pendrive. She says that she don’t have pendrive now. He asks her to bring. She decides to take pendrive from Pranav. He asks her for pendrive and she says that she will bring. Malini comes to Adithya and asks him whether he is uncomfortable seeing the crowd. She says that she has told Imlie but she still invited. Adithya says that he is not upset with her. Malini says that she is scared of him because Imlie is immature and saya that she is provoking her against Rupali.

Adithya says that Pranav is not a good human being. He says that she never breaks. He says that she should have send her home. Malini says everyone showed understanding. He leaves from there. Imlie thinks that she is not upset with Rupali. The Police says to the family that they are happy. Pranav thinks that Imlie won’t let him go and he wonders how to escape. He thinks that he can use the police against her. Pankaj asks to have Prasad. The Police says he is busy and asks him to pack it. Pranav calls soneone and says he knows about a huge drug dealer. The Police gets the call. Adithya greets him. The Police tells him that there is drugs in his house. Everyone gets shocked hearing him. He says someone is dealing from the house. Aparna who has come there gets shocked. He asks to search the house.

The Police goes to search the house. Adithya shows them his room. Pranav comes out of the house and turns around to see Imlie standing infront of him. Imlie says that she didn’t know where did he hide the pendrive but she knows he has stolen it. Adithya says that he already stolen it. He says that she has done a mistake by thinking him to be a small thief. Imlie sees Police arresting Adithya. The Police tells her that they got drugs from him room. Aparna cries to which Adithya says that they planted the drugs in his room. He gets arrested.

Pranav says what has happened. Imlie thinks that Pranav has done this but no one will trust her. She decides to do something. Rupali asks Pranav to try. He says he don’t know anyone. Malini accuses Imlie saying this has happened because of her and asks why did she invite strangers. Aparna asks her to stop. She asks what is her mistake and says she just invited them. Harsh says that it must be the work of the people from Adarsh Kant. Malini says that this is what she is saying and says doesn’t know who kept the drugs.

Pranav says that he should meet his old friends. He is about to leave but Imlie stops him and asks him to talk infront of everyone because the family needs him. Harsh says that they should go to the police station. Imlie says that she will go with him. She thinks that she won’t let him go till she gets the pendrive.

They all reach the police station. Pranav keeps getting calls from Adarsh Kant. The Police says that if they prove it then they will release him. Imlie wonders how to keep Pranav with them. Imlie dashes with Pranav and shouts at him why did he dash with her. He calls her illiterate. They both get into a fight with each other and he calls her an animal. The inspector keeps both of them in the jail. Adithya is in the lock up when Pranav and Imlie enter the lock up. Imlie says she was trying to stop the thief from runninh away. The Screen Freezes.

Precap: Imlie says to Adithya that she wants to say something to him. She asks him to understand with her finger gestures. Adithya looks at Pranav in anger.

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