Imlie Spoiler: Aditya and Imlie tries to reveal the truth
Imlie Spoiler: Aditya and Imlie tries to reveal the truth

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Episode starts with Aditya trying to wake Malini up as she has a school trip. She is getting late. Malini says she doesn’t want to go to college as she is in mood of watching movies together. Aditya says he will work from home today. Malini says then I wont return, you are sending me forcefully. Aditya says I am hurt you won’t say like this.

Imlie comes with broom to clean his room. Aditya says come later. He is working. Imlie says this is my office, I will clean your room at this time only. She then sees Aditya’s books. Aditya thinks Imlie doesn’t deserve all this. She should study.He says, call Sundar he will do all the cleaning. Imlie says angrily you too started liking that Sundar’s work more than me?

Aditya says nothing like that. Imlie says he doesn’t need to feel bad for her as she loves doing her work. Imlie then starts singing song which irritates Aditya. Aditya says shut your mouth and work silently. Imlie again starts blabbering and she also insists him to sing a song. Aditya tries to sing a song listening to her. Aditya laughs seeing her singing. Imlie also laughs looking at him.

Aditya’s boss calls Aditya and says he gets to know about there’s a highway accident due to Mirat bridge collapse. which he needs to cover. Aditya gets shocked hearing Mirat. His family call him after watching news. Aparna says Malini has gone to her trip or not? Aditya says yes Malini has gone too. Aparna tells him to call Malini’s friends. Imlie says call on the helpline number.

Aditya calls and he gets to know that Malini isn’t saved till now. They can’t tell Malini is alright or not. Aditya says right now he needs to go to that place to know who is responsible for the bridge collapse. Its his job to collect information about that. There are other people as well who got stuck there. He leaves.

Imlie requests Aditya that she also wants to go there as Aditya won’t be able to handle all this alone. Aditya says I am a professional journalist. I don’t need your help. Imlie says but Malini needs my help. She saved me by donating me blood and I also saw you were afraid when you saw I was injured in Pakdandiya. Malini is your love and i am your responsibilty.She then goes with Aditya.

Anu cries while talking to Aparna. She says I argued with her, I didnt talk to her nicely. I am very worried for Malini. Dev also tries to get information from the college principal. He shouts. Anu says I am really afraid what happened to my daughter.

Imlie gets worried seeing the accident spot. Two students inform Aditya that Malini was trying to save injured people but she got stuck there because of one stone fell there. Aditya gets shock. He also clicks pictures. One inspector says Aditya can check dead bodies list. Imlie shouts at him.

Aditya says don’t complicate things for me. Imlie tries to stop Aditya from clicking pictures but Aditya says I can’t spend all the time thinking about Malini as its not easy for me. I have to do my job as well. Imlie says don’t worry. I can understand you are really tensed. Aditya keeps searching for Malini. He suddenly sees Malini’s bag and gets shock seeing a woman is lying there. He slowly goes towards her.

Precap- Dev gets shocked seeing Malini on stretcher.