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Episode starts with Aditya seeing one injured lady lying. Who looks like Malini. He gets shock. Here photo frame falls down Aparna also gets afraid. Nishant and others say Malini is alright. Nothing will happen. They pray to God. Aditya tries to remove the stone and sees that’s not Malini. He calls one person.

Dev reaches there and gets shocked seeing Malini lying on stretcher. He rushes to see her. Aditya says that’s not Malini. Control yourself. Please go home. Dev says hr can’t leave right now. Inspector says this place is not safe. Stones are falling, anyone can get injured. Aditya looks for Imlie. Dev also shouts. Here Imlie tries to find Malini and finally she finds her and tries to wake her up.

Dhruv gets worried and tries to call Aditya. Nishant says if we don’t have good news to tell, we don’t have bad news as well. Everything will be fine. Dev mom says where can Dev go without informing others.

Everyone watches news. Anu and Dev mom watch Aditya on television. Imlie says to Malini that please try to get up. She gives her courage. She says women have the power of tolerance. You can do it. Malini says I can’t do it. Tree has fallen on me. Imlie says think about others who loves you a lot. What will happen to Babusaheb if you leave him like this.

Imlie then calls Sita Maiya and removes the stone and the tree as well. Malini drags herself from there and somehow got saved. Imlie was about to leave the place but she gets unconscious. Malini murmurs. Aditya runs and lifts Imlie up. Malini tries to call Aditya but he doesn’t see her.

Its seen in news that Dev is saving Malini. Tripathis get relieved. They get shocked seeing Aditya coming with Imlie. They wonder what happened to Imlie.

Malini wakes up and everyone asks how are you. Anu comes and asks how is she. Malini recalls the incident when Aditya saved Imlie. Sundar says Imlie gained her consciousness. Seeing Dev going to see her Anu stops. Anu says sit beside your daughter. Where are you going. Dev says Imlie saved Malini. We should be thankful to her. Malini says she wants to go to see her.

Malini asks why Imlie went there and risked her life. You are also everything to us. We would have missed you a lot if something happened to you there. You and Aditya share a deep bonding as well. Imlie looks at Aditya.

Precap- Aparna tells Imlie she wants to talk to Meethi that because of Imlie Malini got saved. Imlie says don’t do this. Malini asks why you don’t want to let your mother know about it. Imlie stays quiet.