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Episode starts with Malini saying to Imlie if something happens to you what will I say to your mother? Don’t try to be hero from next time. Imlie recalls how Meethi cried while she was leaving and says Imlie is everything to her. Imlie says I could save Malini as she drinks milk daily. She says now Malini will drink milk daily as well. Everyone thanks Imlie for saving Malini. Nidhi says to Imlie, Aditya saved you in hero style. We were watching you. Imlie looks at Aditya.

Anu packs Malini’s bag saying Tripathis give priority to their servants , her daughter is not getting respect here so Malini won’t stay here. Dev says Imlie saved Malini but still you are so ungrateful. Anu says they won’t care if Malini stays here or not.

She taunts Dev mom that she will give another gold chain to Imlie for bearing her expenses. Dev says you haven’t changed at all. Imlie is also like our family member. Malini comes and Anu says you will go with us. They are not taking care of you properly. Malini says you still have hard feelings for Imlie when she saved your daughter? I won’t leave my family.

Anu says everyone is busy with the servant who will take care of you? Aditya says I’ll take care of her. Aditya says i have promised Dev that Malini will not face any problem here. Anu says your care I have seen already when you were carrying Imlie from there. Aditya stays quiet. Malini tells Anu to leave.

Imlie denies to eat and Aparna insists her. Aparna says i have never talked to your mother. I will tell her about your bravery and stamina. I’ll praise you a lot. You mother should know about it. Imlie gets shocked and says dont tell her as she will get stressed.

Malini also asks her why? Imlie says she will not eat anything if she hears about the incident. She does this every time. Malini then gives admission forms to Imlie saying she will fill up all these carefully. Now she has to study a lot. Imlie gets very happy and says her dreams will come true. She will give her best and everyone will be proud of her.

Dev mom says to him he should pray to God. Dev says Malini is alright after taking the medicine. Dev says what will i say to God? That my daughters don’t know that they are sisters and I am not able to tell the truth as well. Dev mom says you should be thankful that you daughters are staying together and without knowing they are sisters they are fulfilling their duties. Dev agrees.

Aditya arranges surprise for Malini. Sundar says Malini will like his surprise for sure. Aditya makes haldi wala dudh for Imlie as well. Malini says why did Aditya bring popcorn for her? Aditya says I forced you to go there, I won’t do it again. You are everything to me. He hugs Malini. Malini says someone can see us. Aditya says I don’t care.

Sundar gives milk to Imlie and Imlie thanks him. Imlie thinks of giving the milk to Malini. She goes there and notices Malini and Aditya are expressing love to each other. She feels upset. Aditya says I only love you. No one can come between us. Malini says I also haven’t said that about another girl. I know you love me.

I trust you. If we get separated my life will come to an end. Aditya says don’t talk like this ever again. Malini hugs him and they watch movies together. Imlie gets sad tries to leave from there but one vase falls down. Malini says i told you to close the door, someone is there.

Aditya calls Imlie and seeing Imlie’s weird expression he asks what happened. Imlie says i was here to give milk to Malini. Aditya says i made haldi wala dudh for both of you. Imlie gets surprised knowing that. Malini says you haven’t turned off the gas oven for sure. She goes to check.

Aditya then forces Imlie to drink the milk in front of him. Imlie says she will drink later. But because of Aditya Imlie drinks it. Imlie leaves without saying anything. Aditya feels is Imlie upset because she saw me and Malini together? He thinks maybe he is over thinking.

Precap- Imlie is seen with a knife. Aditya shouts Imlie open the door. He somehow opens it and Imlie gets happy seeing Aditya. Aditya sings a song. Malini sees them from corner and gets shocked.