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Imlie Spoiler: Aditya praises Imlie for the first time

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Imlie 2nd March

Episode starts with Tripathis are going to have dinner with Nishant. They allow Sundar to go with them as well. Imlie teases Sundar that he will look bad, but I will look good when I get ready. Malini says you have entrance exam you will study only. Imlie starts crying. Aparna says ok but you will have to digest Aditya’s anger. Imlie says its better that I should study. Tripathis say Imlie can’t stay here alone. She will again do something hilarious.

Or will allow some random people in the house. Imlie says I am hurt, I can handle myself. You all can go. Tripathis share their family secret with Imlie. Nidhi says if she hears I love you song from the other side of the door then only she will open the door, otherwise not. They say its a secret mantra. Imlie gets happy. Malini says if you any problem tell me when I return home.

Aditya gets to know that he got an important lead. He says to Malini that he can’t go to dinner as he has some urgent work regarding bridge collapse news. Malini says I knew that’s the reason of your happiness. Sjr agrees. Aditya reaches home and tells Imlie to open the door. Imlie forces Aditya to tell the secret mantra else she will not open the door.

.She sings Kate nhi katti din Ye rat and waits for Aditya to complete the song. Aditya says its all nonsense. Its a song only. But still she insists and Aditya completes the song saying I love you. Imlie opens the door and they have a awkward moment. Imlie says you told that’s why understood that its not possible. Aditya says he is here to take some stuffs.

Tripathis reach restaurant and see Anu and Dev are already there. Dev welcomes them. Anu says what a coincidence! You used to dislike eating in bars right? Tripathis say that we don’t like to spend extra money for free things like water and etc. They join Anu and Dev after Dev insist them. Malini asks what’s Nishant’s surprise? Nishant says he bought a car.

Everyone gets happy and claps. He says we’ll go back to home by it. Anu humiliates Tripathis saying its just a car not a chopper. Thank god someone understood that car is important. Else Aditya only gave bike riding facility to Malini. Nishant says its their choice. Anu says where is your favorite maid Imlie and and also Aditya? How can Malini leave her husband with that servant? Malini gets angry and says enough is enough. Anu says you are not understanding imIie’s motive. She is clever and knows all the tactics. Don’t trust her. Malini leaves.

Aditya’s dad says you said absolutely wrong. Imlie is only studying and Aditya is busy doing his work. Anu keeps on saying you don’t know such village girls their intentions are bad. They are even behind married men. Dev says Malini left because of you. You don’t feel anything that your way of talking is so bad? Anu says I will make Malini understand and I don’t want to see Malini is crying because of Aditya.

Precap- Aditya and Imlie are seen together in a restaurant with rose. They sit together and talk to each other. Any provokes Malini saying now what excuse she will give to cover up Aditya and Imlie’s faults. She can see cleary what they are doing. Malini stands quiet.