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The episode starts with Indira ask Hemala and Nirmala that do they have any problem with her rules and regulations. Hemala and Nirmala hesitate but they accept that they don’t have any problem with her rules and regulations. Imlie tells Indira that she have scare them. Indira tells Malti to call Annapurna ji so that she can complain against Imlie. Imlie requests Indira not to call Amma ji because she is very old and will be in tension if she hears that her Imlie is not well. Indira tells Malti not to call Annapurna. Imlie tells Indira that she will do the rituals first then she will go to fill the form.

A thief tries to steal Anjali’s bag but she stops him and spray a chilli spray on theif’s eyes. Surya comes to bus stand to take Anjali.

Hemlata tells Imlie that she will help her but Nirmala tells Hemlata that she can’t help because it’s Imlie’s rituals. Imlie tells Nirmala that she aone can make the food in few minutes. Amma ji calls Imlie and ask her that why Malti call hear. Nirmala comes the kitchen and turn on the gas stove to burn Imlie’s food. Nirmala calls Indira and tells her that Imlie burn the food. Indira tells Imlie that she can’t go to fill the form.

Meanwhile Surya and Anjali is on the way to home. Anjali ask Surya that who has pick the phone in the morning. Surya tells Anjali that he can’t take her home and ask her to leave Purwaiya tomorrow morning. Anjali tells Surya that she taught that he will take her to meet his family. Surya tells Anjali that lots of things change in his life after coming to Purwaiya. Surya gets a call from Imlie and she tells him to return Indira to allow her to go and fill the form otherwise the school will be closed. Surya tells Imlie to stop making excuses and do the rituals.

Imlie calls the school principal and request him to strech the time to fill the form but the principal tells her that the office is open for 4 mins and then after it will be closed. Imlie starts crying. Indira tells Surya to have some halwa. Indira tells Imlie that she is aware now that she controls the house. Nirmala tells Indira that the halwa is good enough. Surya taste the halwa and tells that it’s very good. Imlie walks away and Surya follows him. Imlie serves more halwa to Surya but Surya gives her the form and ask her to sign. Imlie tells Surya that the time is up now and her another also wasted because of him. Imlie tells Surya that how will she fulfil Agasyta’s dream. Surya tells Imlie to wipe her tears and come with him. Imlie tells Surya that she don’t want to meet anyone. Surya brings the school principal. Imlie is shocked to see the principal. Surya tells Imlie that he has promised her.

Precap-Surya challenges to play Holi with him but Surya’s girlfriend Anjali arrives there.

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