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The episode starts with the picture of Imlie and Aditya broke into pieces. Aditya says just like their relationship this photo frame is also weak. His mom slaps Aditya and tells that he is pride of this house but now everything is destroyed. She then tells that she was supposed to slapped him the day Aditya brought Imlie to this house as a servant or else the day he let her leave this house. If she has done this before then their photo frame would be something different. They all did wrong with Imlie. Everyone accepted this except him. She also wishes the person who Imlie is with that person will take her far away from here and take her to where the people trusts her supports her and love her. She wants imlie to think about herself not about others and leaves the place. Aditya’s cousin takes the broken frame with her.

Aditya stumbles. His father asks him to take rest saying that he will handle this all and takes him to his room. Malini thinks that this is perfect. She may plant the seed of suspicious on Aditya’s heart but Imlie herself destroyed her relationship with Aditya. Imlie cries in her room. She looks at Aditya’s photo in her room and recalls her fight with Aditya. She then tells that she won’t return until Malini leaves the house and their life.

The next day Arya’s mother does the puja. Imlie comes there. She then looks at the photo frame and the Garland which has something in it to fix the Garland she goes to the photo frame but instead of fixing it she takes the Garland so she tries to put it in its place before Aryan sees. She falls to the ground. Aryan comes there and forwards his hand. Imlie thinks he is trying to help her but gets annoyed when he takes the Garland. He puts it on the photo frame. Imlie stands up and tells she came here to fix the Garland only. Aryan takes Imlie’s shawl and cleans the photo frame then he puts it on Imlie. He then tells Imlie when it comes to business if he gains profits he will appreciate the work done by the worker and if he faces losses then he will punish that person.

When it comes to his family he dont care about anything but only about his family members happiness and if anyone ever tries to do something with his family he won’t spare that person. He then uses Imlie’s shawl to wipe the sweat and leaves the place. Arpita and her mother comes Imlie. Aryan’s mother complaints to Arpita that all Imlie wanted to do is help but Aryan is behaving with her like this. She then asks Imlie is she fine to which Imlie says yes. Arpita tells only Aryan can behave with Imlie like a sweet person this way and he don’t know when he will change. Her mother tells his life will change after a girl enters his life. Arpita asks her mother to not to think like this.

Imlie also agrees with her and tells if any girl enters Aryan’s life then he will not let her live happily or peacefully. She then tells his mother that she is sure even in his childhood Aryans behavior is as similar as now. Aryans mother tells no and says something happened which changed him totally and gets emotional. Imlie asks her what happened to which Aryans mother refuses to tell her so she tells how much Aryans acts are frustrating her and how she wants to punish him.

Arpita smiles and says that looks like she had gone through a lot because of Aryan. Imlie agrees with her and tells her that it’s not only her but also her babu saabh then stops and cries. Arpita asks her what happened why she is crying. Imlie tells that she recalled her favorite song which made her emotional. Aryans mother asks Imlie to promise her that she will help them change Aryan into a person who he is before. Imlie forces a smile and tells that she dont think even god can do this but she will try and leaves the house.

Aryan asks Imlie to get into the car saying they are getting late to the office but Imlie refuses and starts walking on the road. She also tells herself that she don’t have any death wish. Aryan drives fast the car and stops it infront of Imlie who gets annoyed when the water in the road splashes on her feet so she takes Aryans kerchief and wipes the dirt water from her feet. Aryan gets angry but controls it and asks her to get into the car. Imlie tells Aditya that she don’t have any death wish the last time he drove her she was scared. She is not the person who easily gets scared infact in her village she scares everyone not the other way around but here he is scaring like its his duty. She also tells that in her village she used to drive a tractor.

Aryan asks Imlie to drive his car saying if she is scared of something she has to overcome the fear by facing it and gives her the keys and asks her to drive then he goes and sits in the passenger seat. Imlie sits in the car and gets scared when she switches on the wiper button but Aryan switches off it and asks her to start the car. Imlie tries to convince him but he remains stubborn. Malini goes to Aditya’s room and wonders where he is.

Nishant and Rupy mocks her concern for Aditya. Rupy tells that she know it’s her who created this misunderstanding between Imlie and Aditya. Malini tells she is not a God then gives Rupy the lemonade saying she needs this because she is angry for no reason then leaves the place. Aryan gets annoyed when Imie drives thr car in a too low speed. He asks her to drive fast as they are getting late to reach the office. Imlie refuses so Aditya advices her to think this is her village and no one is around here. Imlie then starts driving the car fastly and enjoys. She happily tells driving this car is more exhilarating than she drives her tractor and smiles. Aryan looks on.

Precap: Aditya sees Imlie is driving Aryans car so he confronts her. Imlie tells Aditya instead of being proud of her for she accomplished something here he is questioning her and leaves the place.