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Episode starts with Imlie studying. She doesn’t understand the topic and says its not my cup of tea. Malini will be angry on me. I will fail in exams. Aditya says you are studying without taking break that’s why its happening to you. He tells her I will drop you in the restaurant where family went.

Aditya asks Malini about the location and he gets one person’s call there he gets to know that he can get proof if he goes to restaurant to follow someone. Aditya says Now I cant go for dinner as I need to go to the restaurant for my work. Imlie says I will go home. Aditya says you will go with me as you will bring another trouble for yourself like how you did every time.

Anu instigates Malini saying I don’t want you to commit the same mistake which I did. I gave freedom to Dev as he is artist. You are doing the same. Adiya can take advantage of it. Anu says look at Aditya and Imlie they have come here and sitting here alone. Malini says I haven’t given him the address then how can he come, I guess Nishant gave him. Anu says then why he didnt meet his family. I will inform your family right now that what is their son doing. Malini stops her from doing it. She says I will talk to Aditya right now.

Aditya stares at the underworld person Bunti. Imlie asks what is he doing. Aditya says keep quiet, they are dangerous people. Police are behind them. But I can’t hear him from this far. Imlie says I will help you. Imlie says we were about to lose Malini. I won’t mess things up. After insisting so much Aditya agrees and makes her understand about the people. He says you have to keep the recorder there secretly.

Seeing them close to each other Anu says now what excuse you will give Malini! Imlie goes there and cleverly keeps the recorder there. Aditya listens to them carefully. Malini goes to talk to Aditya. She tries to ask him questions that why did he bring Imlie here? When she was studying. Aditya ignore her as he is listening to those criminals. Malini gets offended.

Anu again instigates Malini. Malini informs family that Aditya won’t join us as he is busy. Aditya after finishing the work explains everything to Malini in front of Anu that he is here for a mission. Malini says now everything is clear. Anu says why everytime that servant is with you and ruins everything. During engagement, in kitty party you insulted Malini for that girl. One day because of that girl you two will even fail to understand each other completely.

Imlie on bike says to Aditya that she is feeling good about it that she helped Aditya in his mission. Aditya keeps thinking that Malini misunderstood me and I too thought Imlie can get hurt because of me and Malini. This is not right. I have to do something. Somehow the secret is hampering three lives. I cant let this happen. Imlie also doesn’t deserve this. Ita not her mistake.She can’t spend her whole life like servants.

Precap- Aditya tells Imlie to study well and get a job so that she can marry a good guy.