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Episode begins with Aditya and his family meets Dev and he told them about meeting Imlie. He says you all are too lucky to have her and she is too sweet. Aditya is embarrassed in front of him while all others are laughing it off. Dev says please I am not at all embarrassed infact I am so happy to meet her and all of you are so lucky to have her as she is doing work of four people. She is also doing job of a security guard along with the house help.

They all are laughing in the car thinking about her activities and Aditya is again getting angry on her and says she is doing extreme stupidity and you all are supporting her more. Indu says you are getting angry on her for no reason she is not at all at fault, basically we have made her enough scared in name of theft and all. They asks Rupali to call her and asks her to make tea for all of us. Rupali is surprised when she can not find Imlie picking up the call.

On the other hand, the other male members of the house are waiting outside the house as no one is opening the door from inside. They are shocked to see the ladies are coming from outside of the house. Aditya’s father says why do you people went outside of the house like this when all the money, jewelleries are left anywhere in the house.

Rupali says what if Imlie run away taking all the stuff from there. Aditya recalls the five rupees thing and he says she can’t do that and comes in front to open the door of the house. They all came inside and Aditya is trying to look for Imlie and Rupali runs to see their stuff. After some time, Rupali comes back and informs she is not able to find a single piece of jewelleries and money, maybe Imlie took all and left from the house.

Aditya says she can not do things like these so please don’t think on those lines. He is also looking for her along with his family and to his shock he finds her unconscious at a corner and calls his family members to look for her. All came and finally wakes her up from sleep. She says I consumed two pills of uncle’s sleeping medicine. They all understand that she slept due to it. Rupali asks her about the money and wealth and she says you all spread it all over so I hide them inside the Jar of rice so that no one can get hold of it.

All the house ladies look guilty while Imlie doesn’t understand anything. Police comes to look for Imlie and she is shocked to know that one fellow house member thought she stole all the things and left from the house. She goes inside a room and cries. All came to manao her but she is not okay. They all asks her for sorry and finally she comes out and Rupali and Preeti are doing sit up with holding ears and she starts to smiling.

Later she meets Aditya to say thanks for saving her from the police officers. Aditya literally said her so many things at a go and Imlie says I will never break my promise and not you but me who is at the loosing point. I am way from my own people and my life is ruined cause I really don’t know what will happen to me and my dreams and left from the doorsteps of Aditya.

Precap – Indu tries a ring of Malini on Imlie and she is feeling awkard and upset.