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Episode starts with goons pushing Aditya. They start beating him. Aditya says the news got viral already. Now you can’t do anything. Goons say we can send you to god. Tell us who is paying you?

Imlie requests police to listen to her. But they refuse to listen to her. Police ask the vendor about the proofs. The vendor gets worried. Imlie then holds Police at gunpoint and then threatens them to kill herself as well. She then tells them everything what she saw. She tells where Aditya works, he was covering bridge collapse news, she also tells them the car number. Inspector says well done. Who are you of Aditya? Imlie says with heavy heart that I am his servant, I work in his house. Inspector says nowadays nobody puts this much effort for some not so known person.

Malini also gets worried thinking Aditya didnt come yet, ten minutes are already over. She thinks maybe Aditya is in danger because of the news he is covering. Dhruv calls printers and other colleagues of Aditya. He says we can’t even file missing complaint. Its not even 24 hours. Malini says my father knows someone. He can help in getting information about Aditya.

Aditya gets beaten by the goons. They push him and he gets lighted candle somehow and burns the rope using it. Aditya then beats them. Bunty hits Aditya’s head with a stick from behind. Bunty then holds Aditya at gunpoint. He presses the trigger and Adiya falls down. Imlie shouts Babusaheb. She reaches the spot with police.

Malini phones Dev and asks for help. Dev says don’t worry. He tells about this to Anu before calling his friend. Anu says Aditya is stupid. I knew that his job will make my daughter’s life hell. This is happening. Dev says just shut up. He then calls his friend and tells him Aditya is in danger.

Police catch Bunty. Imlie gets stunned seeing Aditya and goes outside. She starts crying thinking about how she will come face to face Aditya. Aditya then gets into the police van and Imlie hides from there seeing Aditya. Inspector asks where is that girl. Aditya also wonder how Imlie got involved in all this. He sees Imlie is going from there. Aditya keeps looking at her.

Aditya reaches home and seeing him injured Tripathis get worried. They thank Inspector but inspector gives credit to Imlie for saving Aditya. Tripathis think how is it possible for Imlie to be there. she is here sleeping only. Sundar checks her room and tells that she is not there. She left. Aditya thinks family have no idea that Imlie is gone because of me. Now from where will I find Imlie. Aparna says to inspector please find her. Inspector says she should return back to this house only. If she is not returning we’ll take action.

Imlie goes to bus stop and asks someone when will the bus arrive which goes to Pakdandiya. she hears the time. She thinks I hope Tripathis are not much worried for me.

Precap- Aditya shows Imlie’s photo to people near bus stop. He tries to find her. Imlie sits in bus. She applies vermilion and wears mangalsutra.