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Episode starts with Aditya saying to Malini I don’t know what’s happening with us. Aditya’s father says why Imlie left like this. Aditya says I have to go to find her. Malini stops him saying he is not well right now. Aditya says if she didn’t reach there on time I could have died. Malini says she will also go with him to find her. Malini and Aditya along with his family reach bus stand and start finding Imlie by showing her photo to people around. Malini gets tensed and calls Dev. She says I am afraid that the same goons who kidnapped Aditya can also harm Imlie.

Dev says Police caught all the criminals engaged with bridge collapse news. So there’s no chance of Imlie getting kidnapped by them. I am trying my best to find her. Anu listening to Dev says its better that Imlie stays away from my daughter. Also she was not interested to do household but she was interested in other things. Dev says Imlie accepted Tripathis as her family. If you can’t help her then also don’t talk rubbish.

Aditya gets into bus in order to check if Imlie is there or not. He sees Imlie is sitting there and trying to hide her face. Aditya holds her hand and drags her with him. Imlie says leave me Babusaheb. I wanted only promise from you that you won’t find me if I leave. I know you were not happy seeing me in the house. You couldn’t take the responsibility of me then its happening so why are you feeling sad? Aditya says we can find a solution together. Imlie says no. I don’t want to stay with you now. I didn’t save you today I just returned your favour what you did for me I did for you today.

Now it’s time to end this relationship. She says you should be happy that you don’t have to fulfill your duties. Forget about my existence. You said to me that you can give nothing to me . Aditya gets shattered and recalls how Anu instigated Malini. He leaves the bag of Imlie and it falls down. Imlie while picking it up touches his feet.

Aditya leaves and turns back to see Imlie. He gets out of the bus and says to Malini that he didn’t see Imlie anywhere. Aditya thinks I should be happy them why am I feeling sad? Bus starts and Imlie cries. Malini says I am not understanding why did Imlie leave like this. Aditya recalls Imlie’s words and gets lost in thoughts. Malini asks what is he thinking. Aditya was about to hit a car and Malini says where is his mind? Malini says she will drive the car.

Aparna asks Sundar if he has any idea what she was thinking that she suddenly left. Sundar says but she never shared anything about leaving this house. Aparna says we should not think negative. She will come back soon. Sundar says i dont think so as she has left nothing. Aditya and Malini enter the house.

Aparna asks Imlie’s number and says we’ll talk to her. Aditya says Imlie will not say anything to her mother as well. Malini says if we talk about this to Imlie’s mother, she will be worried as we too have no idea where Imlie went. We should wait longer. Aditya thinks I wanted Imlie to leave this house but after her exit I am not able to believe that she will never come back.

Imlie in bus thinks about Aditya. She sees the vermilion box and thinks she will never come back. She applies the vermilion on her hairline and gets emotional. Imlie says thought Aditya couldnt accept this relationship but I will always respect this relationship looking at mangalsutra. She wears it. Conductor tells Imlie to give money. Imlie says she doesn’t have money right now. She will give after she reaches Pakdandiya.

Conductor says he doesn’t want to hear anything. She has to give money right now otherwise she can give her mangalsutra. Imlie gets mad at him saying how can he take a mangalsutra from a married woman. Suddenly the bus stops due to some technical problems. Imlie gets scared thinking she is still in city and anyone can find her.

Precap- Imlie insists bus driver that she can repair the bus. In the meantime police reach there with Imlie’s photo and looks at her. Imlie covers her face with dupatta.