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The episode starts with Agasyta tells Imlie to leave his house before Amma ji open her eyes . Imlie tells Agasyta that if he wants to stay with his pain than he can stay. Imlie tells Ashu to the house with her but Rajni stops Imlie to take Ashu. Rajni tells Imlie that Ashu is Dhanraj’s son and why she is taking him away. Ashu holds Imlie.

Sonali and Amar comes to Biswa and they show the locket picture to him. Biswa tells Sonali that the picture has become fade which is not manage to recognise that who are child’s. Sonali shows the fresh orginal picture and tells him that the children in the picture are Biswa and Avi. Biswa gets shock to see the picture. Sonali tells Biswa that her father is not responsible for blasting the factory but his father had done the blast. Sonali tells Biswa that he has been always taught to hate Chaudhary’s and was unaware with the truth. Biswa gets a call from Tiwari. Biswa learn from Tiwari that Dolly is out of coma and she is ready to give the statement.

Ashu wants to go with Imlie and she tells Ashu that his grandmother is just talking with her. Imlie tells Bulbul to take Ashu. Imlie tells Rajni that she don’t want to snatch her happiness. Rajni tells Imlie that why she is taking him away. Imlie tells Rajni that this house will accept Ashu but the gate for his mother will remain forever and when his mother will start getting the love and respect then she will leave Ashu with them. Imlie tells Rajni that she never taught Ashu to hate anyone.

Biswa tells Sonali that the truth will expose after Dolly’s statement. Biswa asks Dolly that who is the killer. Dolly tells Biswa that Bhola is the killer who stays in Purwaiya. Amar tells Dolly that he heard about Bhola who have a half face burn. Dolly agree with Amar. Sonali asks Amar about the Bhola. Amar tells Sonali that Bhola’s father work in factory and when he was 7 years of old. Doly confirms that the killer is Bhola.
Bhola comes to Navya.

Amar tells Biswa that someone is asking him to kill.
Navya tells Bhola not to come here.
Biswa tells Amar that Bhola is now killer but at the blast the killer was someone else. Biswa suggest to find to find the killer to get the truth. Biswa alert everyone.

Agasyta gets a call from someone and Agasyta tells him to protect Imlie. Amma ji ask Agasyta will he call Imlie back. Amma ji tells Agastya that if Imlie comes back than nothing will stay will fine in this house. Amma ji tells Agastya that Imlie is just like her cruel sister and he is like Dhanraj. Agasyta tells Amma ji that the killer is still active and he is just protecting Imlie for the humanity. Amma ji wants a promise from Agasyta that he will marry someone else but Agasyta change the topic and tells her that he is going to inform the doctor.

Imlie comes back to the bar to get her job back but the owner don’t want to keep her. Imlie tells the owner that she is facing tough times . The owner tells Imlie that he knows her well and he will definitely keep her in the bar. The assistant tells the owner that first see that she can sing. Imlie comes on the mic and starts singing. The crowd get exited to hear Imlie’s song. A man tells Imlie to have a fake marriage with him.
Amma ji tells Agasyta to choose a girl and agrees to marry. Shivani tells Amma ji that Agasyta don’t want to marry other girl.
Imlie taught that the man a lesson. The man tells Imlie that Agasyta will teach a lesson someday after marrying with other girl.

Precap-The Chaudhary’s are crying and Amma ji gives the blames of Agasyta’s death.

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