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The episode starts with Imlie warning Nila that she won’t misbehave with Sundar or will never try to ruin his dreams. Aryan also supports Imlie but Nila keeps on taunting. Jyoti tells Imlie that she should want from Universe that Sundar will fulfil his dream. Arpita asks Aryan who she is? Aryan introduces his family members to Jyoti. Nil asks her is she married?Jyoti reveals to Nil that she is a divorcee but still she learned to stay happy in every bad situation. Imlie takes Jyoti to her room. Narmada says to Gudiya something is wrong with Jyoti. Imlie says Jyoti is really calm and composed but she can’t control her anger. Sometimes she vents it out on everyone. Specially on Aryan. Jyoti tells her not to vent out anger on Aryan as Imlie loves him, there should be no negativity in a marriage. Else it will affect their marriage. Jyoti also adds Universe listens to her. Imlie then gets call from office and leaves. Jyoti also receives a call and gets angry. But she controls it saying anger should not control her mind.

Imlie checks the files and talks to Madhav that he has learned everything quite soon. She says many talents will rise from Pagdandiya and that village is filled with such people. Imlie receives Aryan’s call and she says why he didn’t come to office. He reveals he is missing his Mrs. Imlie falls down in shock. Aryan says he is talking about his car. Later he tells her to accompany him to have coffee. He asks her to come home. Imlie feels shy and Madhav says he will handle the work.

Imlie leaves office and starts her car. she recalls her memories with Aryan. Suddenly a car hits another car. A girl gets injured. Imlie comes out to help her. Jyoti turns back to see from her car that Imlie is helping the girl named Nargis. Nargis recalls how she met Jyoti and the latter spread a rumour that Surinder had an affair with Nargis but it’s not true. They are like siblings and Jyoti never loved her husband only to get Aryan she used him. Jyoti says Aryan belongs to her only and she doesn’t care about Imlie but she will snatch Aryan from her. Imlie panics and calls the doctor for Nargis.

Aryan meets Jyoti and asks her why she bought so many candles. She replies she wants to create a positive atmosphere. She asks him whether he loves Imlie. He says they are married already. Jyoti says but he has to realise who is his true love and for that he has to realise his true feelings. Aryan tells her not to give lecture but he will confess his feelings on right time. Jyoti thinks she will make him realise that not Imlie but she is the best life partner for Aryan.

Precap- Imlie faints seeing fire in Rathore Mansion

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