Imlie: Aryan (Fahmaan Khan), Imlie’s (Sumbul Touqueer) romance in Rathore house, Malini unaware

Star Plus popular daily soap Imlie is gearing up for major turn around in the show.

Cheeni likes Aryan and finds a father figure in him, Cheeni now wish to unite Aryan and Imlie.

Cheeni is stubborn and fearless like Imlie and thus heads to Delhi with Aryan.

Aryan wasn’t aware of it and here he too gets a shock, although he is happy to see Cheeni there as he likes her.

Imlie’s grahpravesh in Rathore mansion for Cheeni

Imlie gets to know about Cheeni being with Aryan at Rathore mansion.

Imlie can’t let Cheeni be there as she very well knows Malini, Neela and Anu.

Imlie can’t risk Cheeni and thus heads to Delhi and marks her entry in Rathore mansion where she has pledged to never return.

Imlie enters hiding from all as she don’t want any drama, Imlie comes to Aryan’s room.

Aryan and Imlie shares a moment of emotional union amid the darkness of room but soon realise the reality.

Imlie is here to get back Cheeni and wants to leave at night but Aryan stops her as it’s too late.

Cheeni too force to stay back till morning and here Aryan, Imlie, Cheeni will enjoy a happy family moment before they could part again.

Malini is yet unaware of it, what disaster awaits next as Aryan, Imlie shares night together and it’s all because of Cheeni.

Will Malini be able to bear this spark of Aryan and Imlie’s reunion?

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