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Star plus’s show Imlie is rocking the TRP charts with showing the most wanted tracks by the viewers of Aditya and Imlie confession. With the makers favoring viewers favourite track, the romance and soft moments shown between Aditya and Imlie is loved by all.

In the current track, Malini feels distance from Aditya and Aditya struggles to pretend to be happy with Malini. Though he wants to tell the truth about Imlie to Malini but due to the promise given to Imlie, Aditya is unable to tell Malini. Aditya fakes his fever thinking Imlie will come to take care of him and it really happens. Imlie comes to him with Kaadha. Imlie tells Aditya how she wants him and Malini to stay together. Malini comes home and is shocked to see Imlie taking care of Aditya. Malini gets angry and shouts at Imlie and asks her to get out.

In the upcoming episodes, Imlie will face more challenges in her new journey to full fill her dreams. Imlie who is willing to study more and become something in her life. Imlie will join University that too top most college but then the other college students will feel superior to Imlie and will start troubling her. Imlie will not want anyone to take any extra tension for her so she will not tell anyone. The college students will pour water on Imlie to trouble her. Malini will see this and reprimand the students.

Later, students will see vermillion on Imlie’s forehead and they will all get another chance to make fun of Imlie. They all will start pointing it out and laugh. Malini will also notice this and gets shocked seeing vermilion on Imlie’s forehead. Things get worse when Malini sees Aditya’s watch on Imlie’s hand on her first day of college. Malini notices vermillion on Imlie’s forehead and Imlie says it makes her feel like god is with her. Malini removes it but Imlie puts it again later.

It will be interesting to watch how Malini will handle this truth.

With Aditya trying to figure out how he will reveal about his feelings to Malini, what will he do now? Will Imlie and Malini get along even after this?

With the current track the show is gaining TRP and the show is expected to get more TRP with the current revelation track.

To know what will happen next in your favourite show Imlie, stay tuned to this space.