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Star Plus newly launched show Imlie garnered a huge amount of audience from the date of its launch. The gripping storyline filled with twists and plots makes it engaging to the audience. Recently Malini has introduced a lawyer named Kunal as her boyfriend.

Earlier it’s seen how Imlie requested KC to take Satyakam’s case and KC agreed. Malini got tensed when Aditya and Imlie asked her about Kunal. Malini hoped for some miracle to happen and she noticed the full name of lawyer KC. She plead before him so that he becomes her boyfriend for once. Aditya and Imlie met him and they grew suspicious seeing Kunal’s weird behaviour. Malini thanked Kunal for helping her. Later Malini requested Kunal to not take Satyakam’s case as Imlie can catch her lie after that. Kunal refused to do that and Malini thoght of finding a solution. Aditya told Imlie that they should confess the truth now. Imlie got happy but she also thought how Tripathis will react after learning the reality. There, Dev decided to give Imlie her share of property. Anu agreed on one condition that Dev won’t accept Imlie as his daughter else she will divorce him. But Dev didn’t listen to her. Later Aditya reached home late and Aparna got worried for him. Afterwards Imlie performed a ritual for Aditya’s safety. They got romantic.

In upcoming episodes viewers will see a lot of drama, Aditya will get close to Imlie and Malini will get disheartened after finding them together. She will bump into Kunal while leaving. Later Aditya and Imlie will meet them and Kunal will reveal he came here to discuss about Saumya’s case. Malini’s foot will get twisted and Kunal will drop her home. Later on Aparna will get to know that Aditya and Malini filed divorce. Tripathis will blame Malini for leaving Aditya but he will stop them from badmouthing her. He will also tell that he has a reason too which is why he is divorcing Malini. Kunal will think of finding out Malini’s relation with Aditya and Imlie. He will ask her about that but Malini will tell him to mind his own business. Afterwards, Anu will accuse Tripathis and Aditya of hurting Malini. She will put allegations like domestic violence and harassment on them. Police will come to arrest Tripathis.

Will Imlie prove the allegations false?

Will Aditya save his family?

How will Malini react after Anu’s shocking step?

To know what will happen next in your favorite show Imlie, keep watching the show and stay tuned to this space.