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This week began with Imlie reconciling with Meethi and Aryan makes it possible by calling Meethi in his house. Imlie apologises to her. Nanda gets ready for Arpita and Sundar’s marriage thinking she will ask for dowry from Narmada as Arpita’s family is rich. Later Aryan receives a rose bouquet and thinks Imlie ordered it. She denies and later he saves her from getting hurt. Nanda and Nila convince Narmada to give dowry to Sundar’s family for fulfilling Arpita’s needs. Imlie and Meethi take stand against the wrong custom and Imlie tells Narmada not to fall into the trap.

Aryan gets impressed seeing Imlie is making all the arrangements and handling everything perfectly. Madhav arrives at his house as Imlie tells him to write reports for practicing. Aryan asks him to attend Arpita’s wedding. There Nanda tells Narmada not to perform tilak ritual of Sundar if she can’t give dowry. Later, Aryan hesitates to bring Arpita for the wedding and he hides his pain. Imlie tells him to close his eyes and imagine the person whom he can trust and count on. He sees her face. Arpita hugs him and gets emotional. He hides his tears when Imlie tells him to cry his heart out.

Aryan expresses his pain and cries hugging Arpita. Nanda forces Narmada to give dowry and the latter buys everything as per her wish. Nila and Nanda get happy seeing those expensive items and Imlie suspects something is wrong. She scares Nanda by mentioning about Police and the latter confesses her crime. Imlie tells Narmada not to support the evil custom and Sundar also refuses to accept dowry. He feels ashamed of his mother. Imlie brings a balance scale and Arpita seems heavier than the dowry items.

Nila pushes off all the empty cartons saying it’s Imlie’s plan. Nanda says this is cheating to them. How can they do this to the groom’s family. Arpita asks Narmada did she really become burden on her that she gave dowry to Sundar’s family? Narmada cries saying she only thought about the latter’s happiness. Sundar says his own mother cheated him. Nanda says she gave him birth now he is insulting her in front of outsiders. Imlie says now noone can stop this wedding and Nanda embarassed Sundar today. Sundar says she asked for dowry just for her own sake. Nanda tells him to leave Arpita but he says he will marry her today and he won’t leave her side till his death. Nanda leaves. Arpita and Sundar get married and everyone showers flowers on them.

Aryan teasingly throws flowers at Imlie and she enjoys the moment. Gudiya tells Nila that her plan flopped again. She talks about food and Nila gets irked. Imlie and Aryan go to drop Meethi at the bus stop and Imlie says she will miss her a lot. Meethi says she will again come to meet her. Imlie then gives a new smart phone to Meethi which is bought by Aryan. Aryan insists Meethi to take that so that she can easily contact Imlie. Meethi says Imlie is such a lucky wife she got such a caring husband. She leaves by bus.

Imlie sees a Bhajan group’s procession and gets excited. She starts dancing and Aryan tells her to stop dancing. She says she wants to dance in that procession, she asks him to join by keeping aside his status and ego for once. Aryan says he is not going but Imlie requests him to go with her for once only. He agrees.

Nila is running short of money and she can’t pay her recruits so she looks tensed. Gudiya says how can she manage to get money now. Arpita asks for money from Narmada to feed some poor kids. Narmada tells her to take money from the locker. Nila hears that and says Narmada knowingly never gives her any present or money. She steals a note bundle from locker and hides seeing Arpita. Arpita wonders why the money is less, she gets Sundar’s call and leaves in hurry. Narmada also comes and leaves without noticing Nila. Imlie and Aryan dance with the people and Aryan feels uneasy after smelling a smoke. He leaves. A lady watches them and heads towards them holding something. Imlie bumps into a Baba and he tells her to be careful else she will get into trouble. She says sorry to him and feels bit strange.

Aryan disappears in the crowd and Imlie searches for him restlessly, Nila hires men to kill Imlie and three cars try to hit her but Aryan’s college friend Jyoti saves her on time. Jyoti tells Imlie to imagine her husband coming towards her. Aryan comes back and he is drinking water. Imlie scolds him for disappearing suddenly. Later Aryan gets surprised to see Jyoti and the latter recalls their farewell party in college. She reveals she is a divorcee as her husband cheated on her. Later Imlie insists her to stay with them as a guest. There Nila gets angry to know Imlie got saved. Afterwards Nila humiliates Sundar for staying as gharjamai and she tries to ruin his resume for the interview. Imlie stops her from doing so.

Imlie warns Nila so that she doesn’t mess up with Sundar again. Jyoti advises her to pray for Sundar’s progress always and Universe will listen to her. Later Imlie asks her how she controls her anger and stay calm and composed all the time. Jyoti gives a tricky answer and she tells Imlie not to take out her anger on Aryan as it will leave a negative impact on their relationship. Imlie goes to office and Aryan misses her, he calls her home for a coffee date. She feels shy and leaves. She witnesses an accident of a girl called Nargis. Jyoti hits Nargis with her car and her true intentions get revealed that she is here to get Aryan only and her husband had no extra marital affair but Nargis is like his sister. Jyoti spread the rumor about them. Imlie calls the doctor for Nargis. There Jyoti buys lot of candles to perform some kind of ritual and she advises Aryan to understand his true feelings. She also thinks of manipulating Aryan so that he accepts her as his life partner not Imlie.

In future episodes it will be shown Imlie will come back to Rathore Mansion from office and due to smoke she will fall unconscious.

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