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Chandraprabha introduces Hassu to Chinu, he will live here and help her. Chinu asks what work he will do, if he knows kitchen work. Hassu says he will do cooking, Chinu asks what dishes he knows, he says aloo, dum aloo etc. He talks a Gujarati word. She asks if he is Gujarati, he nods. She says that’s why she is getting Kaku vibes from him, he says Kaku and covers it up as who is Kaku. Chinu asks why did he come to Bangalore.

Hassu sees a line on newspaper that wife left husband, he gets idea and says he came to Bangalore to find his wife, she left him and came here, a friend is helping him to find his wife. As soon as he finds his wife, he will leave from here. He wants a place to stay in this city, Chinu says he has to do house work to stay here, she asks why his wife left him, if he is comfortable to say. He says usual husband-wife fights. Chandraprabha says she did a background check on him, he is trustworthy.

Chinu thanks her and shows Hassu his room. She asks if he has smoking or drinking habits, he says No. She says she is hungry and asks him to make poha. Hassu remembers Kaku feeding him poha, he praised her as best cook, she asked him to learn making it, every human should know cooking, its essential. Chinu brings him to present by making sound. She asks what happened, he emotionally says his wife loved poha. Chinu asks him to make bread butter then.

Rohan, Kesar meet client, client praises their designs but says Akshay company had nice blend of indo-western, Kesar shows him a cloth and asks if its same. Client says this is better. Rohan says Akshay company got the designs made through Gujarati group who is with him now. Kesar says she will handle them. Client says Akshay company has Kaushalya Gadvi who can manage designs. Rohan says she is also with him now and shows his ID card, mother name is Kaushalya.

Kesar cooks many dishes to celebrate Rohan’s win. Kaku asks what’s the goodnews, Rohan says he has work now, he will come back and tell her. Hassu calls Kaku and says he is struck in cooking, she says she will come to help. Kesar hears her.

Akshay calls Chinu and says Rohan got the maternity fashion project. He asks her to call Kaku, her designs were approved. Chinu says Rohan won’t let Kaku come to them and she also doesn’t want to put Kaku in dilemma of choosing Rohan or Chinu. Chinu assures she will handle everything here and asks him to go to business trip. She thanks him for being a true friend. Chinu asks Fawad, Keerti to think for any ideas.

Keerti says its shame that without any qualification, experience Rohan took away their project. Rohan comes there and talks to client, client tells Chinu to send the bills they spent on maternity project, subtract the amount from advance and transfer it to Rohan.