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Vasu hears Chinu talking about medical reports on phone, she asks if everything is fine. Chinu says these are normal tests for new employees as company is taking them. Outside Hassu tells Kaku he is feeling weird coming to Murthy house as he tried to destroy whole Anand Nagar.

Kaku says they have to prioritize children happiness now and rings the bell. Meenu excitedly opens door and greets them. They all sit and Vasu says she spoke to Pandit, tomorrow is good day for engagement and marriage in 4 days, but she thought they need some time for preparations.

Meenu says no, the earlier the best as Chinu also can be part of wedding functions before going to USA. Murthy passes by them, Vasu asks him to sit with them. He says he doesn’t want to sit with such people.

Chinu takes him aside and asks why doesn’t he realize how wrong he is. He always loved business the most, when they were young, till their mother was alive, they didn’t feel any void but after she left, they missed parents. They used to miss him most on annual day, when they wear pretty dresses and go on stage, but don’t find him in audience.

 Meenu used to cry and ask her why their father doesn’t come to school. But she didn’t have answers as she was feeling same pain. Murthy feels sad and tries to console her, she says she doesn’t need his pity, she came here to warn him not to disrespect Rohan and his family. He asks if she still loves Rohan, Chinu nods, she is doing this for her sister. Kaku hears everything. She consoles Murthy and says family is more important than money. What’s the use of big cars and all if there’s no one at home to love.

Murthy tells Vasu he feels he lost his daughters. Vasu says they are angry with him but they will understand if he talks to them. He apologizes to Vasu as he wronged her many times but she is still with him. Usually parents show the way to children but his daughter showed him right way.

Kaku tells Rohan that Chinu loves him, she heard as Chinu said it to her father. She says Chinu is doing her role as elder sister as she thinks Rohan doesn’t love her.

Murthy tells Chinu that her heart is big, she is making a big sacrifice. He knows he doesn’t deserve forgiveness, but still as a father he will tell her, he understood she and Rohan are made for each other. Meenu is young and just feeling attraction. She shouldn’t sacrifice her love for this. He will talk to Meenu and make her understand. Meenu hears them and runs away crying. Chinu goes behind Meenu. Murthy calls Kaku and thanks her, he got his daughters back because of her. He and Vasu will come their home for Chinu’s rishta. Kaku feels happy.