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Keerti doesn’t allow Kaku to go home, Kaku says its emergency, she needs to leave, Chinu allows her to go. Keerti asks Chinu how could she, she is her senior, Chinu says Kaku is her intern.

Kaku is not finding Autos, she asks Chinu for lift, Chinu tells driver to stop Autos for Kaku, Kaku looks hurt and goes with driver but they don’t find any Autos, Chinu tells Kaku to get in the car, she will drop. They reach home and Kaku asks watchman why didn’t he break the door and open when they got gas smell, they hurrily go up. Chinu asks driver to turn the car, she sees Kaku purse and stops. Kaku and watchman open the door and see Rohan in unconscious, he breathed lot of gas, they turn off cylinder, Chinu comes and says they have to take Rohan to hospital, his condition doesn’t look good.

At hospital, Kaku asks Chinu what did doctor say, she cries and asks will Rohan go away from her. Chinu says nothing such will happen, Rohan is under observation. Kaku prays to God, Hassu calls Kaku and asks if she forgot him after getting job, he praises her she can do anything. Kaku cries and says Rohan is admitted in hospital, Hassu says he will come on first flight he finds, Kaku says no need of him to come, Chinu is with her, they both will manage.

Akshay tells Chinu to come back, its enough that she admitted Rohan in hospital, but she doesn’t need to wait there. Chinu says she knows what to do, she is not baby, Akshay says she won’t listen like this, he calls Chinu’s father and put them in conference call, Murthy asks if she forgot what all Rohan did, why is she staying there for loser. Chinu cuts the call. Murthy tells Akshay he wants to see them together before Chinu gets back to Rohan.

Doctor tells Kaku, Chinu that they pumped out gas from Rohan’s body, he is safe, he may feel weakness for 2 days, his condition wouldn’t be so bad hadn’t he drunk so much, too much of alcohol. Kaku asks Chinu to come near, Chinu says she won’t, she came till hospital for the sake of humanity, she doesn’t want to see Rohan’s face. She has to thank Rohan, his mother worked very hard for him, but he is still troubling her, he isn’t learning to be responsible, she is glad she didn’t become mother, she wouldn’t be able to tolerate so much.

She asks Kaku how much more she will support her son, she tells Kaku to go back to Bhuj, Rohan won’t let her stay peacefully. Kaku says she knows Rohan is in this situation because of his mistakes, but she can’t leave her son, she will help him back to be normal. Chinu pays hospital bills as they paid her bills earlier, its even now. She asks Kaku not to come to office from tomorrow.

Kaku brings Rohan home, she calls Hassu and says Rohan is fine.