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The episode starts with Tripti video calling Kaku from jeweler’s place. Jeweler asks Kaku what’s the need to sell ornaments that she so lovingly got made for her daughter-in-law. Kaku says she is selling for her son and daughter-in-law only. She asks how much money she will get in exchange of jewelry. He says they will amount to 3 lakhs. Kaku tells Tripti to collect money and send them to Bangalore. Kaku writes 2 crores on paper and feels 3 lakhs are arranged, still lot of money is needed.

Sagar tells Rohan that Patel is ready to invest, Rohan gets happy and hugs him. Sagar says but there’s one condition, Patel wants the business on Kaku’s name. Rohan hesitates as he doesn’t want his mother to be stuck in more problems, Sagar says they just need her signature, nothing more otherwise he will have to go jail after 6 months.

Meenu gets ready to go out, Vasu stops her. Meenu says she is suffocated at home, she didn’t go out after Varalakshmi Puja. Vasu asks if she is going to meet Akshay, its not needed as Akshay is coming home. Meenu gets shy and denies. Vasu says she saw how she fell in Akshay’s arms, she can share her feelings with her. She always wants to be part of hers and Chinu’s lives. Meenu denies and is going out, Murthy stops her.

He shouts where she is going with so much make up and all, Meenu asks why is he punishing her for Chinu’s mistakes. She thinks she should also get pregnant like Chinu. Murthy gets angry and is about to slap her, Akshay stops him. He says to leave Meenu, they have a meeting to attend. Both leave. Meenu tells Vasu that she likes Akshay from childhood, but he likes Chinu and sees her as Chinu’s sister. Vasu tells her to woo him with her lady charm. Meenu asks to help her, Vasu agrees.

Meenu comes to Akshay’s office and thanks him for saving her. He tells her not to be formal. She offers him cookies, he says they are his favorite. They chat for few minutes and Chinu comes, she sees Meenu and asks she is here, if she disturbed them, Meenu mumbles yes she disturbed like always, she leaves. Akshay asks Chinu if he can help her, Chinu says Rohan won’t like to take his help.

Akshay asks why can’t she do job, it will reduce financial stress. She can start working from today in his company, Chinu hesitates. She gets call from a delivery man that Kaku took few things and closed door, she is not opening door now. Chinu gets tensed and leaves. She comes home and opens backdoor key. She sees Kaku standing on stool and removing bulbs. She asks what is she doing, why she didn’t open door.

Kaku sees delivery man and says she asked him to go, why is he here till now. He leaves. Kaku tells Chinu she is trying to save electricity bill, these many bulbs are unnecessary. Chinu asks what’s going on her mind, Kaku shows her book, she arranged 3 lakhs from Bhuj, she earned 1 lakh, so total 4 lakhs. She wants to save on household expenditure to help Rohan financially. She asks if she should get all groceries from Bhuj as here in AC shops, they fancily pack and take more money. But they have to pay courier charges for getting things from Bhuj, so its same. She says they won’t on AC as its not hot nowadays.

Kaku says she is free at home, she will start tiffin service from home, there are many youngsters working nearby areas, they would like to eat home made food. She will also design dresses, she is very good at it and festivals are near, they can get many orders. Chinu says 2 crores is huge amount and all these won’t help. Kaku feels sad.