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Mrs Gawara tastes thepla, pickle and praises its taste. Kaku pleads her to talk to her husband, but she doesn’t agree. Mr. Gawara is in a press conference. Chinu tells Kaku to go to Mr. Gawara and talk before he leaves. Mr Gawara calls security. Kaku hurriedly conveys her message, she is sent outside by security

Meenu holds Rohan’s hand and says Chinu and his parents left him, but she will never leave him as she loves him. Rohan gets shocked, he asks what Chinu will think if she knows this. Meenu tells Rohan that Chinu already knows and has no problem.

Kaku, Chinu are walking on road. Kaku is determined to do anything to save the society. The ladies are worried and cry. Kaku talks to the ladies that they will go for home service and sell thepla and pickle and motivates them. Chinu shoots whole thing.

Chinu is seeing the video clip on her laptop. Rohan comes there and says this will defame his parents. Chinu says this may increase their respect in society. She reminds Rohan of a time when he made Kaku cook at different houses, Chinu says tax doesn’t matter, but Kaku’s courage does. He says Meenu has feelings for him, and Chinu is okay with it. He asks her to delete the video if she cares for him even a little bit.
Mr. Gawara watches the video on his phone about the society women working under Kaku.

Kaku returns to society with her bags. The residents of society were there. Lakshmi counts that they sold home-to-home and could only collect 25,000. Their total is 30,000, but they need 70,000. Society people are grateful for Kaku, they touch Kaku’s feet.

Chinu comes running to Kaku and the people. She tells Kaku that their video went viral and she is getting many calls and messages offering help. She shows the video to them. Kaku asks Chinu if it is possible. Chinu tells Kaku that they are getting many orders for thepla, pickle. They all get happy. Chinu says required money is already received in advance. They will earn much more. Everyone dance happily. Kaku thanks Chinu. Chinu appreciates Kaku’s courage and says she is the best. Kaku says no, they all are best.

Murthy is angry over his team and asks how it is possible that society people gathered 70,000 rupees in 24 hours. Murthy tells his men to find out who is helping the people there and take goons along. Rohan pleads Murthy to give him a chance. He wants to go and talk to the people there. Murthy gives him one last chance. Rohan calls Kaku and asks her to meet him in coffee shop near Anand Nagar. Kaku says she won’t come out of the society, he can come to society and meet her.