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Christmas party is happening at the office, Fawad offers drink to Kaku, she says she won’t drink this and asks him to give her sharbat. Chinu hears her and gives juice to Kaku, Fawad offers drink to Chinu, she hesitates seeing Kaku and signals later to Fawad. Music plays and everyone dances, Balwinder stands idle, Kaku consoles him saying he can become Santa next year, any way Santa this year is not good like him, he fulfills everyone’s needs in office, so he is permanent Santa to all employees. Kaku asks him also to dance. Rohan and Chinu dance together, Kaku feels happy seeing them together. She dreams of Hassu coming there and dancing with her, Rohan and Hassu re-uniting.

Chinu comes home and happily hugs Bhatuknath, she asks why he went before party starts. She offers him drink, he says its already late and tells to sleep. Chinu asks with whom she should celebrate then. She switches on music and dances with Hassu. She says she has a secret to tell him, she switches off music and says first time today she felt what it is like to have father, the way he supported her a lot. She says she will gift him something tomorrow morning and sleeps.

Next morning, Chinu vomits and Hassu gives her lemon water. He says he didn’t imagine her gift will be like this. He says one should drink only that much the body can take. Chinu says he is good at business, she saw yesterday, why don’t he start business on his own, he says let the family problems solve first, then he will see. Chinu asks if he found anything about his wife, he says no. She again asks why he left early yesterday, he should have met Rohan.

Hassu says Rohan doesn’t like him, he felt it the way Rohan talked to him, so he went away as work was already done. Chinu asks why he didn’t remove Santa costume, he says he wore it with so much difficulty, so he roamed like that some time. He says he will make breakfast, she has to go office right. She asks him also to get ready to come to office, she will make him meet Rohan. Hassu says he can’t come, he got a phone from friend who has some information about his wife. Chinu says okay.

Kaku calls Hassu and says she will gift him something, everyone at office are praising him, they decide to meet at a dosa shop. Meenu scolds employee, Chinu, Kaku go there hearing sound. Meenu asks why is it so loose, Chinu says its maternity fashion wear project, so it will be big size. Chinu asks Meenu what is she doing here.

Meenu says she also joined office, their father told she has same right here as Chinu. Chinu says she doesn’t deserve it as she has no work ethics. They both argue. Kaku consoles Chinu and tells Rohan to calm down Meenu. Rohan offers coffee to Meenu and asks her to be his teammate.