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Rohan asks Chinu if she is happy now, her father sent goons to basti. Chinu tells him to support his parents if he is concerned for them, otherwise let Appa do what he wants.


At night, Rohan comes to basti, Kaku sees him and says she knew he would come in night hiding his face if not daylight. She asks why he kept hand-kerchief to nose, if he can’t tolerate this smell. She says real world has a type of dirt, people living in fake world don’t understand that. Rohan says its not safe for her to live here, Murthy ji can go to any length for this place. Kaku asks if he still writes name as Rohan Gadvi, as he is behaving like Rohan Murthy. Rohan asks why is she making basti people stand against him. Kaku says she is not making anyone against him, she is just supporting people who gave her shelter in trouble times. She asks him not to waste more time in this dirty basti and leave. She says basti people were very happy today, so she made basundi, she saved some for him and gives box. She smiles and leaves. He remembers moments with Kaku and eats his favorite basundi.


At home, Rohan cries and hugs Meenu, Chinu sees them and cries, a thing falls down mistakenly and Rohan, Meenu separate on hearing sound and see Chinu.


Vasu tells Meenu that boy who came to see her went back, its bad news. Meenu asks if its truth and feels happy. Vasu sees Kaku video on Chinu’s laptop.


Chinu goes to basti, Kaku happily says they are getting many orders, work is going on well. Kaku asks Chinu why she looks sad, she shouldn’t separate from Rohan because of them. Chinu says Rohan is forgetting difference between good and bad staying with her father, so she doesn’t want to stay with him. Anyways, she is going to Paris for her internship and she wants to spend remaining days with her. Kaku helped her a lot, now its her turn to help them. Chinu leaves. Kaku asks Hassu what happened to Rohan, he is not caring for good or bad in reach for success.


Murthy asks Rohan if he found who is helping basti people, how they are earning. Rohan says ladies started small business, they can’t get full amount, 5-6 lakhs is too big. Murthy shouts on him and says he got to know that his mother Kaku is helping basti people. He shows the video to Rohan. He says he was thinking how Rohan suddenly changed from being ambitious to helping basti people. He tells Rohan to get out, their partnership ends here. Meenu says she won’t let anything wrong happen with Rohan, otherwise Appa will loose his another daughter too. She says she loves Rohan, Vasu gets shocked. She requests appa to give one chance to Rohan. Murthy gives last chance to Rohan and tells to put basti on fire.