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Kaku tells Rohan to come with them. He says he won’t trust Chinu’s driving. Chinu says its her city, her car, he has no option. Rohan sits backside with Balwinder. Kaku sits on front beside Chinu. Balwinder introduces himself as Kaku friend. After some time, Kaku signals Balwinder to start drama.

He coughs and pretends pain. He ate chicken yesterday night and he wants to go to his doctor. Chinu says they are on the way to hospital. Kaku asks doctor number and calls. Rohan says she will go to hospital with Balwinder. Kaku says she will go, they are of same age. Balwinder secretly takes Rohan’s phone. They come out of car and laugh over success of their plan. Chinu says she is not driver and Rohan comes to front seat.


Kaku is talking happily, Balwinder smiles seeing her, he sees sun and blocks it with his hand preventing sun rays falling on Kaku. Hassu calls Kaku, she says plan is successful and they sent Rohan, Chinu together. Hassu recalls his and Kaku first meet, they bent together to pick something. Kaku says they felt current and its effect is present even now. Kaku prays to God to make Rohan, Chinu feel need of each other.


Car suddenly stops and Rohan, Chinu get down. Rohan sees tyre punctured. Chinu says there’s no even spare tyre. She has to make a call, she realizes her phone is with Kaku. She asks Rohan’s phone. He doesn’t find his phone. Balwinder tells Kaku he took Rohan’s phone.


Rohan, Chinu walk to a nearby shop and ask if any taxis come this way. Chinu asks their phone, she tells Rohan to call Kaku and inform they are struck. Kaku will inform kesar ba that they will be late. Rohan doesn’t remember Kaku’s number. They find a scooty, Chinu says she won’t sit on it. Rohan says her wish, they will lose project if they don’t pick up Kesar ba. She asks how will they bring so many people on scooty. He says they don’t have any way now.


Murthy asks Akshay why he hired Rohan, Akshay tells him not to worry, Chinu won’t get affected by him. He asks Fawad where is Chinu. Fawad says she is not in office. Akshay calls Chinu and goes towards Kaku hearing ring tone. He asks Kaku where is Chinu, she says Chinu went to receive people from Bhuj. He asks if she went alone, she says Rohan is with Chinu. He gets angry and asks which station they went, Kaku says she forgot its name.


Rohan sees Balwinder dairy, he reads out love poems. Chinu asks him to stop, they will go on scooty. Rohan drives and Chinu asks him to stop, he is intentionally applying brakes so that she falls on him. She says she will drive. She asks him to sit back. Rohan says she doesn’t know 2 wheelers driving. She drives and misses balance, both fall down.