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Rohan tells Kaku to let them go, no one will stay here. He tells her to pack bags, he will take her and Papa from here. Kaku says she won’t come anywhere leaving this basti. She asks if he is looking for papa, she asks how will he look into his father’s eyes. Hassu comes and says he is here. Rohan tells him to convince maa to move out of here, otherwise she won’t see his face next time.

Hassu tells Kaku that she won’t be able to see his face if she goes from here. Hassu tells Kaku that he is with her in this fight between good and bad. Kaku tells Rohan to leave, last time when they were in front of him, he put price on their upbringing. He was in her stomach 9 months before coming to this world. Rohan turns to leave, he slips and balances to stand. Kaku stops herself from showing care. She tells him to drink haldi milk night before sleeping. She says the way he chose, he can spend day anyway but night sleep will be ruined.

Murthy asks Rohan if his parents left Anand Nagar.

Chinu tells Kaku that Rohan forced buyers to cancel orders. Kaku feels sad and asks if she found out clearly. Chinu says its truth and says she will talk to Rohan and make him understand. Kaku says no and tells Chinu to focus on her future, time is nearing for her to go to Paris and she has meeting. Chinu says yes but its important now to talk with Rohan. Chinu asks if it isn’t possible to get old Rohan back, the one she met first time in America. Kaku says losing way for some time is one thing, but Rohan is losing himself in pursuit of success.

Rohan tells Murthy that Anand nagar is vacated. Murthy feels happy and tells him to run bulldozer and start preparation for Bhumi Puja. Rohan says there’s a problem, his parents are still there, his mother wants to get justice for basti people. Murthy badmouths Kaku and Rohan asks him not to talk like that about his parents. Murthy tells him to lower his voice. Rohan asks him to give 48 hours, he will convince his mother. Meenu comes in between them and requests Murthy to give Rohan 2 days time. Murthy agrees and leaves. Meenu asks Rohan not to thank her, he will make her stranger by doing so. She did it for him.

Kaku is going out and Hassu asks where is she going. Kaku says she will talk to basti people again, they shouldn’t loose hope, they have to fight for their rights. Hassu appreciates her spirit.

Murthy calls his men and tells to keep an eye on Kaushalya Gadvi and kill her if she does anything against them. Vasu hears it and gets shocked, Murthy sees her, she asks if he lied to Rohan about giving 48 hours time. Murthy says yes he lied.