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Vasu knocks Chinu’s door, Chinu asks what’s the matter, Meenu tells as things are settling down, she asked Vasu to talk to Rohan’s parents about her marriage with Rohan. But Vasu wanted to talk to Chinu before that. Meenu asks Chinu to tell Vasu that she promised to help her. Chinu says she will help. Vasu talks to Chinu personally and thanks her for supporting because of which she gained rights in this house. She asks if Chinu really won’t feel any difference with Meenu and Rohan relation. Chinu nods.

Rohan calls all buyers and requests them to take back canceled orders. Kaku asks Rohan what was Meenu telling to her father, does she love him. Rohan says he has lot of work, they will talk leisurely later.

Vasu greets Kaku and thanks her, because of her, Chinu called her Mom. Now she is proud mother of two beautiful daughters. Kaku says she was always mother to them, but they took time to understand her. Vasu says she took time to understand that in process of becoming good wife, she can’t become bad person.

Vasu says she came here to ask Rohan’s hand for Meenu. Kaku asks what about Chinu, Vasu says Chinu is going to Paris and will settle there, Chinu comes and says she has no problem with this. She already booked tickets to US. Rohan hears her from upstairs and says he also has no problem with the relation. Vasu says she is happy her 2nd daughter is going to get settled. Vasu invites them for dinner to discuss about marriage functions. Kaku reluctantly agrees.

Kaku asks Rohan why he agreed, Rohan says he loves Chinu but she wants to move on, what can he do. He says he will focus on business, he has some money left from fashion project and he will invest the money earned from thepla business and expand it. He has full plan ready, they will repay all loans his father took for him and free their house, shop. Hassu listens all this from doorstep. Kaku says thepla business is time taking, hard work is needed, its small business. Rohan says he will put his life and work hard and papa says no business is small or big.

Hassu hugs him. Rohan says they will go to Anand nagar and discuss business plan tomorrow. Now they have to go to Murthy house to talk about Chinu’s relation. Kaku corrects it as Meenu’s relation. Rohan leaves. Kaku says Rohan thinks Chinu doesn’t love him now, but she knows Chinu still loves Rohan and they both are made for each other.

Murthy scolds Vasu for going to Kaku’s house. Meenu warns she will complaint to police as he tried to kill Kaku, Hassu. She tells him behave well and receive Rohan’s family with respect. Chinu takes Meenu away from there.