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Sun TV newly launched show ” Iniya” is about An Arrogant cop Vickram married an open-minded. Iniya to teach her a hard lesson, while Iniya’s forced to tie the knot out of love for her sister and their mother’s dying wish. Vickram to stop Ilango-Swetha’s wedding

In the previous episode we saw; Vickram noticed the accident video clip of Iniya. He found the fake number plate of the lorry. He asked Subash to inquire the case. Amudhavalli revealed to Iniya about Ilango and Swetha’s secret marriage.

Vickram found the lorry driver and beaten them. Iniya doubt something fishy there. Iniya alerted Vickram about Swetha’s secret marriage. Vickram assured her to stop the wedding. Vickram fought with the goons. Gauri argued with Amudhavalli to stop the wedding. Vickram came there on time and snatched the Nuptial chain from Amudhavalli.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Vickram will point gun at Swetha and demand Amudhavalli to release his sister Akshaya. Amudhavalli will release her in the fear. Vickram will warn them to stay in their limit or else he will send them to jail. Nalla Shivam will change his decision.

Later, Vickram will share the happy news to Iniya. He will discharge her from the hospital. Iniya will express her happiness to Vickram. Later, Ilango will give the wedding invitation to Nalla Shivam. Amudhavalli will assure Dhanam that Ilango will marry Swetha. Vickram will marry Meena

What will happen next? Will Iniya fall in love with Vickram? When Vickram change his attitude?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tune with our space for more updates