One of the most popular couples of television, Ronakshi who got married some months ago is going to separate from each other in the upcoming episode of Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum. Rohit and Sonakshi who are initially in love with each other got married with the blessings of their respective families overcoming all kinds of obstacles and barriers. These two really think that they got their happily ever after by getting married with the blessings of all.

However, since the time of getting married, they are sneezing one after another problem in the family due to various reasons. Recently in the show, Nishi bua ( Played by Kishwer Merchant of Bigg Boss Fame) comes out as a
a black character who wants to take over the entire property of the Sippy family alone. She also tries to murder her own brother Naren and blamed Sonakshi for the same. Sonakshi who is desperate to prove her innocence starts to find out evidences after getting a clue from the police officials about impossible murder attempt on Naren by family members only. She also gets to know that the same person is trying to frame her in a negative light in front of the family members and this is taking a toll on her marriage with Rohit.

An intelligent Sonakshi finds out some show in favour of herself and submitted all of them to the police officials. However all her attempts seems to be wasted now as the new promo of the show is given out the most heartbreaking and unwanted news for the fans.

As per the latest promo posted by the channel officially, Rohit will be seen giving divorce papers to Sonakshi in return of her request to keep the belief in her alive. A heartbroken, dejected and upset Sonakshi will slap Rohit for leaving her in the middle like this without giving her a chance. So is this the end of the happily ever after love story of Rohit and Sonakshi? Or this is the beginning of the end of Nishi Sippy and her planning plottings against Rohit and Sonakshi and their marriage?

We all know how much Rohit and Sonakshi love each other and trust each other? There is no denial of the fact that they do have a strong bond of trust between them.

However the fans are extremely upset with the separation track of Rohit and Sonakshi in the month of love, we can see and all together different angles to this entire thing. The toxic mentality of both the family members needs to come out in front of Rohit and Sonakshi. This will help them to protect themselves and their love over anything and anyone in future.

However the teaser is absolutely heartbreaking and disappointing, it it has every possibility to be a game plan of Rohit and Sonakshi together to bring out the real culprit in front. All in all, this Valentine is going to be painful and tough for Rohit and Sonakshi and also Ronakshi fans. Let us hope for things to get solve between them as soon as possible.

Watch the promo posted by Star Plus in this link – Star Plus – KHKT Promo – Rohit demands Divorce