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Episode starts with Maasi telling Ahaan how Ishqi’s parents died when she was young. Ishqi comes and sees Ahaan. Ahaan tells her she can’t take the money. Ishqi says I can’t take a favour for free. Ahaan says I don’t know what to say. Ishqi says give your as usual I explaination about my paravarish and mom dad. Ishqi says you can’t even say sorry but I am taught yo say thank you for your favour and sorry for creating trouble for Sonu. Ishqi says I promise you if I create any further problem till wedding then give me whatever punishment you want me to as this is my parvarish. Ishqi says I know no parent give wrong parvarish to their children, so I won’t blame your family. Ahaan feels sorry and goes from there. Later, Maasi says where is Ahaan, Ishqi says he had some work. Ishqi then says sorry to Maasi for creating so much trouble. Maasi says don’t be you did nothing wrong. Ishqi says I miss my parents. Ahaan listens to it and remembers how at various stages people taunted him for his mother and he was so enraged and today he is just like thise people and acted like them. Ahaan feels angry and goes home.

Here, Sonu tells everything to Raj. Raj gets angry and says now I will end this Mayank’s thing. Sonu says yesterday only I wanted to tell you and Ishqi but then Mayank said sorry. Raj says so you believed him? Sonu says no but I don’t know he wanted to make things better for Ishqi. Raj says I don’t believe this and I am sure he is lying. Sonu says but if we confront him then Ahaan will know about me and Mayank. Raj says so tell me what to do? Sonu says do nothing as if you will do something or else Ahaan will be angry as he thinks it’s girl’s responsibility to take care of family’s reputation. Raj says but that’s because of your mom. Sonu says Ahaan has got hurt from everyone and now I don’t want to be one more reason. Raj says I can’t understand how this kind of low grade person be someone’s best friend. Sonu says I don’t know but according to Ahaan a relationship which do not end in shaadi is wrong so I don’t want him to get hurt. Raj says your family is so modern that you guys drink beer together and chill then what is this conservative thought process, this sounds like a dramatic serial. Sonu says I don’t know.

Kartik finds a disturbed Ahaan. Ahaan says I need some help and goes to find Sonu. He goes to her room to find Sonu and Raj talking about something. Raj and Sonu see Ahaan and are shocked thinking he might have heard them talk about Mayank and Sonu.

Ahaan says I am sorry, I think I disturbed you. Raj says yes. Sonu tries to stop but Raj says Mayank. Ahaan says even I wanted to talk about Mayank only about how his engagement got spoiled. Sonu says yes Mayank said holi id Ishqi’s favourite. Raj says but you and Ahaan don’t like holi. Sonu says anyone will as it ruins your skin and hair. Kartik comes and says but for Ishqi we can do this much right? Raj says we can get organic colour. They agree. Kartik teases Ahaan but Ahaan says it was Mayank’s plan.

All family members talk when to plan engagement. Mayank’s mom says we will do a small function maybe. Dadi says when bahu is like Ishqi you must not invite many people as you never know what next drama will be created. Chachi says do not say like that. Dadi says Ishqi came with a golden kismat as she is getting this nice family. Kids come. Where Mayank says maybe we can plan engagement on holi. Dadi says but Ahaan and Sonu don’t like holi. Sonu says it’s okay this time I want to play holi. Ahaan says Mayank you said your fiance likes Holi? Mayank says yes. Ahaan says so lets do it then. Dadi says Ahaan you will play holi for Ishqi? Ahaan says no I am doing this for Mayank and also because this way we can call Sarla aunty and have good time as she loves functions. Raj is angered by seeing Mayank so Sonu takes him. Dadi says we will celebrate holi on one condition.

Episode ends.

Precap: Ahaan and Mayank’s mom goes to Ishqi’s house. Ishqi wonders why is he here again. She puts salt in tea and gives him. Here, Sonu is changing and Mayank is watching from a little space, suddenly Ran comes and slaps him.