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Episode begins with Ahaan saying Riya you can stay with me, but I have a condition. Savitri asks Ishqi to understand, don’t do this. Ishqi consoles her. Dadi calls Ishqi and apologizes. She asks her to meet her chance. Ishqi asks how can I believe you. Dadi says you are doing this to bring my truth out, I promise to tell the truth to Ahaan, don’t go in front of the press, you know he will break down by the defamation. Ishqi says okay, I will come. Riya says you have to marry me. Ahaan says I will marry you, but you have to do one thing, you have to get paternity test done. She asks what, you are doubting me and calling me unfaithful when you cheated me. He says I m not doubting you, but I want to be 100% sure, I don’t remember that night, I don’t want any doubt after marriage, whatever

the result of the test, I will support you and your baby, I got cheated from Ishqi, I don’t want to get cheated again, its not about me, but my family, I want to be sure to marry the right person, I won’t marry you without the test, that’s final, time time if you want.
Sarla sees the news. She asks what’s the truth that Ishqi wants to tell the world, I will go there and find out. Raj says you won’t go. Sarla says I will see it live. Sonu cries and says if this shatters my family then. Raj says don’t worry Sonu, everything will be fine, don’t cry.

Ishqi says I will meet Dadi, our plan worked, she wants to tell the truth to Ahaan. Savitri says no, she is clever, she plans everything, don’t go there. Ishqi says she won’t do anything, she has to decide if she wants to get insulted in front of the family or the world. Savitri says I will come along. Ishqi says no, take rest, you aren’t well, I will go and meet her, I will record everything. She goes. Savitri says Ishqi is inviting big risk, Dadi is clever and dangerous, I m scared that Dadi may harm Ishqi. Maasi says Ishqi won’t stop on our saying, just pray that she succeeds in her plans, things get fine soon. Everyone is at the press conference. Ginni says we will get good entertainment today. Sarla asks where is Ishqi. Reporters hope that Ishqi has some solid proof. Dadi comes there. Everyone sees Dadi.

Dadi says sorry for the trouble, but the conference won’t happen, we solve the matter in the family, Ishqi had married Ahaan, she was upset about the divorce, so we sorted it in the family, Ishqi is ashamed of her move. Kartik says Ishqi backed out, why, what’s happening. Sarla says nothing happened here. She asks reporter to ask questions to Dadi. Reporter asks Dadi about Ishqi and Ahaan’s divorce, what happened between them. Dadi says we don’t talk about people who left our lives, I taught my children to move on in life. Maasi says I m worried for Ishqi, she didn’t reach the conference and didn’t come home, she had gone to meet Dadi, shall I talk to Ahaan. Savitri says yes, talk to her. Door bell rings. Kartik says Ishqi backed out by taking Dadi’s help, call her and find her. Ahaan says I won’t call her. Kartik says there would be some reason. Dadi comes and says there is a reason, she called me and said if I pay her 50 lakhs, then she won’t come in the press conference, I knew it, she loved Ahaan’s money, not him, she played this cheap game, I gave her 50 lakhs, I had to save family respect, Ishqi is a cheap girl, she asked me for money and promised to step back.

FB shows Ishqi saying I want to say the truth. Dadi says yes, I will tell you the truth, I had covered up my son’s mistake and accused Savitri, I had ousted her, she also wanted to prove my son’s mistake and get divorced, I sent her to the mental asylum and told the people that she ran with a rich man for money, I did a mistake to leave her alive, you did the same mistake, you will get the same punishment, I will do the same with you. She calls the goons. Ishqi gets shocked. Dadi says your game is over now, our house secret will be a secret now. Goons catch Ishqi. FB ends. Dadi says I thought she is clever, she will have fake proof against us, I thought to give her money and shut her mouth, I told you that she can’t become my bahu. He asks where is Ishqi now. She says I don’t know. Goons tie up Ishqi to the hospital bed. Dadi says she said she will leave from our lives once she gets the money.

Kartik says its impossible. At the mental asylum, goons get Ishqi. Doctor says its a new case, we are taking patient for the treatment. He calls Dadi and says that girl reached here. Dadi says do the same thing with her which you did with Savitri. Doctor says don’t worry, we will do it. Dadi says we will see who will pity you, Savitri can’t do anything against me. Sarla claps and says you have handled everything well. Dadi says you would regret that you didn’t get to see any drama there. Sarla says I went for your moral support, I want to talk about Ahaan and Riya, do something, society will insult your family, get them married. Sonu comes and says how can Ahaan marry, his divorce didn’t happen yet. Sarla scolds her. Sonu says yes, I m trying to say that its legal matters, we have to talk to the lawyer first. Sarla says yes. Ishqi shouts for help. Doctor says you can’t run away, we will do the same thing with you which we did with Savitri. He injects her. Ishqi cries.

Episode ends.

Ahaan and Kartik come to the hospital to find Ishqi. Dadi says I will give her the last injection of her life. Ahaan and Kartik look for Ishqi.