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Episode starts with Ishqi and Ahaan getting a lift. Ishqi pretends like Ahaan is angry from her because she couldn’t run to catch the train. The guy offering lift to them tries to convince Ahaan. Ahaan avoids creating a scene so he sits in the car. In the car, Ishqi does more drama so that Ahaan talks to her sweetly and it all ends up Ahaan saying how she always care for Ishqi. Ishqi and Ahaan have a eye lock. Here, Sonu says they should go and pick up Ahaan and Ishqi but Kartik says they will come, as they have to pick up Mayank and Rhea who would be reaching via train. Sonu is about to keep chips in the basket in the dickey but Kartik asks her to keep it in front only. Sonu feels sad for what Rhea must be feeling. Raj says Mayank won’t even be worried for Ishqi, poor Ishqi.

Here, Ishqi and Ahaan reach a small hotel. They start fighting before entering the hotel and the manager their helps them with the luggage. Ishqi falls. Manager asks Ahaan to pick her up but Ishqi says no need she will get up. Ishqi is unable to get up due to her fake baby bump.Ahaan lifts Ishqi and takes her. Rhea says Ahaan may vent anger on Ishqi, I m worried for her. Raj says Mayank doesn’t care, he didn’t take Ishqi’s name once. Kartik says don’t worry Rhea, Ishqi will manage. Sonu says yes, they always fight. Rhea says I thought he likes her, he said she is a nice girl. Sonu says she is. Ahaan takes Ishqi to the room. She answers his call. Riya asks where are you. He says in hell. He puts Ishqi on the bed and jokes on her. She asks where are you. He says at a lodge, I have to spend the night here, mechanic will get a car in the morning, I will come to the resort. Kartik says its filmi situation for Ahaan, would he take one room or two.

Ahaan says remove this baby bump. Ishqi argues. He says there is no other room, lodge manager asked us to stay in same room, we are husband and wife. She asks him not to cry and make a place for himself. He says what will I tell Mayank, we can’t stay here in one room. She says I will go and talk to manager. He says he said there is no room. She says you got this room because of me and baby. He says enough of this drama. She runs. He runs after her. They have a moment. Song plays…He removes the fake baby bump. He says its too hot here. She says it increased suddenly. He looks for AC remote. They see each other.

He switches on the AC. Rhea says call isn’t connecting. Sonu asks her to chill. Kartik says don’t worry, he will be safe. Raj says he will call in the morning. The hotel staff sees Savitri in the car. He shouts ghost and runs to Kartik. He says there is a ghost in your dickey. They run to see. They don’t see anyone. The man says I really saw a ghost. Ahaan asks Ishqi to sleep on the bed. She says thanks, I like to sleep on the bed. She says I have sent a message to Mayank. He says I will message Rhea. He feels warm and lowers the temp. She says I can’t sleep in cold temp. They argue. She says I will fall sick.

He says I paid for his room, I will decide this. She says this AC won’t run on 16 degrees. She gives him money 150rs and says I will pay the rest later. He says remote will be here, don’t give money. They fight for the remote. The remote falls and breaks. He says temp will be 16 now, remote won’t work now. She says I wasn’t joking, I will really fall sick. He goes to sleep. He asks her to switch off lights when her drama is over. Kartik likes his room. He says Ahaan designed it good. Raj says Mayank wasn’t trying to call Ishqi, don’t you find it strange. Kartik says maybe he called before, we will go to Sonu and scare her of ghost. They go. Savitri is also in that room.

Ishqi feels cold. She coughs. Ahaan goes to her and checks her fever. He calls to get medicines for fever and cold. She says you are showing concern for me. He says you are strange, you don’t let anyone help you. She says you are strange, Rhea doesn’t know that she is marrying a problem. Sonu comes to Rhea and says Kartik jokes about Ahaan and Ishqi, don’t think of that. Rhea says no, I don’t have such tension, Ahaan invited him in his family function, I was glad. Sonu asks did you discuss about marriage. Ishqi gets medicines. Ahaan says fix the AC or remote. The man says yes Sir. He takes Ahaan aside and says I have given such medicine that will relieve her and you, she will get good sleep. Ahaan says okay. The man leaves. Ahaan sees Ishqi feeling cold. Ishqi hold his hand.

Episode ends.

Ishqi says how did my clothes change. She sees Ahaan sleeping next to her. She asks Ahaan what happened yesterday in that room, between us. Mayank says I was planning a surprise party for Ishqi. He spikes Sonu’s drink. She faints. He thinks you won’t get saved now. Ahaan sees him.