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Episode begins with Ishqi saying I will prove that wrong happened with your mum, I m leaving as you told me, I will come back with Savitri aunty, then her grahpravesh will happen, its my promise, I will end your and your mum’s misunderstanding. She cries and leaves. Ahaan cries. Ishqi says Dadi hates me, but how can she do this with Ahaan. She looks at the house. She recalls the old moments. She leaves. Ahaan goes out to see. Dadi looks on. Ahaan shuts the door.

Ishqi comes to Maasi’s house. She asks why are you all upset, you are thinking if I will cry, I m fine, I knew this will happen. Maasi says this should have not happened. Savitri says its my mistake, I should have not put Ishqi in danger. Ishqi jokes. Savitri says if Ahaan knows that you are still helping me, then he will make you out of his life.

Dadi says Ishqi isn’t leaving from our lives, if she does as she said, then.. if she proves Savitri innocent and brings the truth out, then… Ahaan stopped me from raising hand on Ishqi, if he knows that Veer used to torture Savitri, then… if he learns that I had tortured Savitri to save my son, then… no this can’t happen, Ishqi wants to snatch my Ahaan from me, I won’t let her do this. Savitri says no Ishqi, I won’t let you bear this, come with me, I will talk to her, I will tell him that it was my plan. Ishqi says Ahaan can get angry and oust me, but he can’t make me out of his life, he would be more upset than me. Ahaan recalls Ishqi and cries. Ishqi says Maasi, I m okay, go and take rest. Maasi goes. Ishqi cries. Ahaan says you knew I hate my mum, even then you got my mum back in my life, why Ishqi, didn’t you see my pain. Ishqi says sorry to hurt your heart, you will forgive me knowing why I did that. He says you broke my trust and also my heart, I can’t forgive you. She says I should have not broken your trust. He says we get angry on those we love, I m much hurt.

Ishqi says whatever happens, I won’t let Dadi win. They lie to sleep and hug their pics. Its morning, Ahaan imagines her when he wakes up. He gets sad. Ishqi says Ahaan’s attitude is the villain of my love story. She asks Maasi to give her breakfast. She asks Maasi what happened. Maasi says I know you are sad, you can’t hide your pain from me, Ahaan didn’t call you. Ishqi says its not our first fight, don’t worry, Dadi will lose, our plan is going right. Maasi says your marriage has fallen into trouble. Ishqi says think of Savitri, she is away from her children since 20 years. Maasi says see what you are losing. Ishqi says you don’t know what will happen next, I have indirectly threatened Dadi, she was shivering, she will make some mistake now. Maasi says you know she is very clever. Ishqi says no one can separate Ishqi and Ahaan. Riya says what, Ahaan will never agree. Dadi says just do as I say. Riya promises and goes.

Ahaan finds everyone upset. He acts normal. He asks where is Dadi. Chachi says she isn’t at home. Ahaan asks Kartik to go to kitchen and make something. Kartik says please, don’t act like you don’t care, we know what you are going through, don’t act strong. Ahaan says no, I m trying, we all should try, lets move on. Kartik asks how, can you move on, you can’t do this, I know you. Dadi comes with Riya. She says Ahaan will move on, he can do it. She asks Ahaan to sign the divorce papers. Ahaan and everyone get shocked.

Episode ends.

Ahaan asks what did Ishqi say. Dadi shows Ishqi’s signs on the papers. Ishqi says I have a plan to fix things.