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The episode starts with Vansh looking at Ridhima’s photo and saying that he knows well what she feels and he will listen to those words once back home.

On the other hand Ridhima finds a watch on the floor and picks it up understanding that it belongs to Sejal who is in the house and is in danger.

Sejal is all tied up and tries to free herself. Ridhima searches for Sejal and decides to confront Anupriya. She accuses her for kidnapping Sejal but Anupriya denies. Ridhima shows the watch as evidence of the fact that Sejal is in the house. She requests Anupriya to leave Sejal.

Anupriya says that Vansh will come back and punish her. Ridhima swears to unravel her secret in front of everyone and find Sejal. Anupriya replies that she isn’t scared of her since as always she will be two steps ahead. Ridhima promise to find proves against Anupriya. She leaves. Anupriya hopes Kabir is doing her work well.

Chanchal gives an injection to Aryan asking if they won’t face any danger because of it. Aryan assures that it won’t happen. It is a truth serum which they will use on Sejal to know everything. Chanchal praises the idea.

Dadi calls Badri but he is nowhere. Ridhima asks her not to work but Dadi says that it’s just a small work. Ridhima offers to go to search Badrinath but Dadi says that she should just get ready as Vansh is about to come.

Aryan and Chanchal are shocked to see that Sejal has escaped. Sejal is with Kabir who threatens to kill her with wires.
Meanwhile Vansh calls Ridhima asking which colour of roses she likes. Ridhima asks him to come back only. Vansh says that he is on his way. They cut call. Vansh knows that Ridhima likes red roses only. Ridhima wants to tell Vansh about Sejal and she still suspects Anupriya. She wonders if Anupriya called someone for help and thinks about Badrinath. She decides to find out. She grabs a gun from drawer.

Kabir calls Anupriya and tells her that he has Sejal. He cuts the call and asks Sejal if she told anything about Ridhima to Aryan or Chanchal. She shakes her head. Kabir warns her not to act smart then. She is behind a sofa, tied up. Ridhima comes and hits Kabir pointing gun and asking him to tell the truth that he is with Anupriya.

Kabir understands that she doesn’t know about Sejal and decides to reveal his face. He removes mask shocking Ridhima who takes back the gun. Kabir lies that Badrinath is his friend who told him everything and he came to help her.

Kabir notices that Ridhima isn’t happy to see him and asks her what happened. He says that she looks so tensed. Ridhima questions him about coming every time in different avatar claiming to help her but not even once he told her his identity. She asks whether he doesn’t trust her anymore.

She tells him about Sejal being in the house and in danger but she is unable to find her. She feels like Sejal wanted to tell her something but she has been kidnapped before. She wishes to rescue her. Sejal wishes to tell her that she is near her but she isn’t saying anything not to put their lives in danger.

Kabir tells Ridhima that he is sure that Vansh kidnapped her but Ridhima refuses to believe that. Kabir assures her that he will leave with Sejal before Vansh comes but Ridhima says that he is on the way and they cannot take such a risk. Just then Dadi calls Ridhima for the pooja preparation. Ridhima asks Kabir to leave before Vansh comes while she will search for Sejal.

Later, pooja starts. Ridhima is eager for Vansh to come back. Aryan whispers to Chanchal that Sejal must have escaped and didn’t tell anything to Ridhima because of fear. He is sure that Ridhima is hiding a secret for which Sejal bear so much torture. Pandit asks when Vansh will come back.

Meanwhile Sejal is keen on not letting Kabir play with Ridhima’s life. She touches the wire and hisses. Kabir rushes to check Sejal who has fainted. Suddenly Sejal pushes Kabir and runs away. Vansh is coming back. Anupriya sees Sejal. To distract everyone, she pushes Siya downstairs and at the same time, Kabir grabs Siya. Everyone rushes to Siya. Vansh has come too and shouts Siya’s name. Everyone rushes to Siya. Vansh asks for first aid kit. Kabir takes Sejal to a room and gives her injection.

Siya is hurt. Anupriya apologizes for not being able to save her. Pandit Ji leaves. Siya assures everyone that she is ok. Vansh thanks God as nothing happened to Siya but is afraid that something could have happened. Kabir comes and blinks to Anupriya. Vansh notices him. Kabir is wearing mask. Vansh asks him who he is.