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The episode starts with Vansh talking to someone and says Kabir is out of control now but he can handle Kabir just like he handled this function. Vansh says he fulfilled his promise and no one got to know that the couple who was killed that day was Riddhima’s parents indeed.

Nobody got to know that it was not Vansh who did the accident that day but the person whom he is talking to. Ishani is shown. Ishani is the actual killer of Ridhhima’s parents.

Ishani says if she is happy today it is only because of Vansh, no one got to know that it was Ishani who killed Riddhima’s parents. She says you protected me and promised no one will ever get to know this, and you are still fullfilling this promise. They both hug.
Ishani asks Vansh why did he took Kabir’s father’s name.
A flashback is shown where it was Vansh who was listening to Kabir and his plannings.

Cut to present scene.
Vansh says he knew it was Kabir who instigated this year old story of accident, so he decided to do this. Vansh says he saved his family, love, marriage everything.

Kabir is shown very angry and says Vansh your end is near, because of you I lost everything, my parents, my mom, my childhood. Kabir says now it is his turn to take everything away from Vansh. Kabir burns Vansh’s photo in a symbolic pyre and says soon he will make this come true.

Vansh is seen in a dilemma and says to Angre that he knows he didn’t do right with Ridhhima but he loves both Ridhhima and Ishani equally, so he had to keep this truth inside him forever. Vansh says he has taken his rivalry to a next level with Kabir after mentioning his father’s name and now Kabir will do anything to harm my family. Vansh says we have to be very careful now. Angre says not to worry and will keep an eye on Kabir.

As they are about to go Ridhimma’s photo falls down and breaks. Vansh is worried and asks Angre about the whereabouts of Riddhima.
Angre too says he didn’t see her. Vansh goes to find her as he is not getting a nice feeling and goes to find her.

Ridhhima is shown breaking the bottles infront of bappa and says this is the punishment she deserves for doubting her love. She thinks about all the time Vansh has been with him and suported her no matter what. Ridhhima cries and walks over the glass bottles and says she deserves this punishment. She walks over the glass bottles with blood all over her feets. She thinks about how much she has hurted Vansh by blaming him. Siya and dadi comes and asks what is this. Ridhhima says consider this as my mannat and let me complete this.

Vansh comes and asks her what is this?
Riddhima says this is her punishment for doubting you and this is the punishment she deserves. If he loves her then he will not stop her.

Vansh says you gave me your swear, he cannot stop her but can join her. He says you are my wife and everything goes equal in a marriage. He too walks on the glass. Ridhhima tries to stop her and falls down, Vansh saves her. Riddhima falls unconscious. Vansh takes her to the room. While talking her Kabir comes and says there was a time he too took Ridhhimaa like this in her arms, we too had a past about which you don’t know. Vansh says he has to treat his wife now and don’t have time to answer his rubbish questions.

Vansh removes the glass from Riddhima’s feet. Ridhhima gains conscious. She tries to wake up. Vansh asks is it paining too much? Ridhhima says why are you doing this, Vansh says I am your husband who else will do this. Vansh asks why did you do all this?
Ridhima says this was a punishment to doubt her husband, she cries and says sorry. Riddhima says you always ignored all my mistake but she is not a good wife for him, she has hurted him a lot. Vansh gets emotional and kisses her on the cheeks.

Vansh says whatever be the reason he cannot see her in pain. He tells her to smile now. They both hug. Vansh does her dressing. Ishq me marjawan plays.
Vansh puts Ridhhima to sleep and asks her to take rest.

Meanwhile Kabir is seen approaching with a hammer and just when he is about to hit the piano Vansh stops him. Vansh makes him understand that whatever happened was a mistake and he is ready to apologise 1000 times for it, but Kabir should understand that he was just a 15 yr old boy then, nothing was intentional. Vansh says still he understands what Kabir must be going through and requests him to understand too.

Kabir thinks the mistake that Vansh is calling has taken away everything from him and now it is Vansh’s turn to loose everything
Episode ends

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