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The episode starts with Riddhima telling Angre that he shouldn’t tell Vansh anything until this game ends. Angre agrees. Riddhima’s phone rings. Vansh is calling her. Riddhima cuts his call. Vansh calls her again. Riddhima keeps cutting his call. Vansh wonders why she’s cutting the call. He says that Roy can’t ignore his call. He calls Roy. Riddhima attends it. Vansh calls Roy for lunch. He says that he wanted call Riddhima, but she is dhal chawl. Riddhima gets angry and says that he respects and loves his wife and he should also do the same. In fact every wife deserves to be love and respected and she’s not dhal chawl. She refuses to come for lunch saying that she has lot of work. Vansh says that Riddhima got angry and wonders what’s her plan. He goes to check.

Aryan and Ishani go after Vansh to tell about Roy’s truth, but strictly says that they will talk later on and leaves. Aryan and Ishani discuss what important work Vansh has that he can’t talk to them. Sia comes there asking for Vansh. Ishani says that she’s not interested in her talk and leaves from there.

Angre comes to Vansh and tells that Riddhima left as she was upset with whatever he told to Roy. Vansh asks if Riddhima told her. Angre says that he understood in seeing her angry. Vansh goes to their room looking for Riddhima. Angre tells that Riddhima left and repeats that she got angry with whatever Vansh told to Roy. Vansh asks if Riddhima told him that he’s Roy. Angre denies and blabbers that she’s upset and didn’t even talk with him. Sia comes there searching for Riddhima. Vansh tells Angre to check on Roy’s room. Sia says that Riddhima isn’t in Roy’s room. Vansh asks how she knows this. Angre tells that Roy isn’t staying here. Vansh shouts and says that he is talking about Riddhima, who was disguised as Roy. Vansh asks Sia what she’s hiding. Sia says that Vansh is at fault. Riddhima got upset as he called dhal chawl. Vansh yells that he was kidding. She can turn Roy to play, but he can’t joke. He angrily leaves. Angre worries that Vansh will not spare him if he learns the truth.

Vansh goes to find Riddhima. Aryan stops him and says that he has an important evidence against Roy. Vansh tells that not to talk about this right now. Angre comes to Vansh and says that real Roy is waiting for him at the pool side. Vansh says that he doesn’t care about him. Angre says that he requests to give him five minutes. Vansh says fine and leaves.

Vansh goes to pool side and shouts Riddhima. The latter reminds that he wanted to teach her swimming. She removes the disguise. Ishq mein marjawan plays in the BG. Vansh helps her to remove the coat and kisses her forehead. Vansh says that he was doing a prank on her, but she fooled him. Riddhima nods yes and smiles. Vansh is about to kiss her. Chanchal calls out Vansh and tells him to listen to what Aryan want to say. Angre comes there and hides Roy’s things. Chanchal says to Vansh that he got evidence against him. Vansh asks what evidence. Ishani says that they got girl’s clothes and make up glue from Roy’s room. Vansh says that he could a cross dresser, who likes to wear girl clothes in the room. Ishani that it could be possible, but he’s not at his room. He ran away. Vansh says that he must have got scared. Chanchal says that Vansh got saved because of Aryan. Riddhima says that she doesn’t think he would have run away getting scared. Ishani tells Riddhima to stay out of it as she doesn’t anything about this. Ishani comments about Riddhima’s dressing sense. Riddhima says that Roy would have run away since he would have got to know that the people in their family love to poke their nose in others matters and wouldn’t have wanted to do business with such people. Ishani asks Angre what is in his hand. Angre diverts the topic saying the he booked for her in a spa. Ishani gets excited and leaves. Vansh praises Aryan and thanks him. Aryan and Chanchal leave. Vansh asks Angre if he changed the side. Angre stumbles to answer and leaves.

Riddhima says that she wanted to continued this game, but she felt pity on her husband and also he accepted his mistake. Vansh says that he did not say sorry. Riddhima plays a recording i’ which Vansh says sorry. Vansh says that it would be an old recording. Riddhima says that Sia has just sent her and mentions that day date. Riddhima says that she will leave as he didn’t accept his accept. If she wasn’t there, he wouldn’t need to eat dhal chawl daily. Vansh tells Riddhima not to talk bout leaving him. She’s his in all their lives. He tells her not to even think of leaving him. Riddhima says that she won’t. She was just joking. Vansh gets a message. He says that he has a meeting with real Roy and tells that he will meet her after one hour and asks her to stay in her room. He leaves. Riddhima wonders if she said something wrong and wonders why Vansh suddenly became so serious.

Riddhima tells Angre that Vansh got very serious after hearing today date and asks what happened in that date. Angre tells that nothing important happened. Riddhima remembers that Vansh told her to be at her room and tells Angre. The latter tells her to not overthink about the date and leaves. Riddhima goes back to her room. She sees Vyom singing happy birthday song for Pihu and talking to himself. Riddhima calls out Vyom.

The episode ends.

Precap: Vansh gets a blood stained kertichief and few other things. Riddhima gets letter in which it’s written to meet him to know where her husband is. Vansh tells someone that he can’t free him. Vyom tells Riddhima that Vansh captived someone here.