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Today’s episode starts with Riddhima addressing Vihaan as Vansh. Vihaan says who Vansh, he says he is Vihaan? He asks Riddhima if she knows him. Riddhima stands shocked seeing Vansh alike. She thinks how it can be possible two different people has the same face. Vihaan asks Riddhima if she has past habit of self-talking. Riddhima checks Vihaan’s house. Vihaan asks Riddhima what she is searching. He says she the one whom he saved last day. Riddhima fails to find anything. Vihaan thinks in the flashback how he dumped Singhania’s photo seeing Riddhima coming towards him.

Further, Vihaan tells to Riddhima that he is hungry for money. Riddhima stands shocked and hears Vihaan. Vihaan says to Riddhima that she has pretty eyes but that doesn’t mean she can stare at him continuously. He asks Riddhima to leave the place. Riddhima goes and recalls her moments with Vansh.

Later, Riddhima wonders how Vansh and Vihaan can be this alike. In the meantime, Kabir bumps into Riddhima. Red color falls on Riddhima. Kabir smirks seeing her hairline is filled with the red color. Riddhima slaps Kabir and says how he dared to cross his limit. Kabir gets angry on Riddhima. Daadi comes and asks Riddhima to excuse Kabir as it was by mistake. Ishani praise Riddhima for the slap. Daadi interrupts Ishani. She apologizes to Kabir and says Riddhima is disturbed thus, she reacted. She asks Kabir to forget.

Other side, Riddhima wipes the red color. Kabir comes and Riddhima asks him to leave. Kabir on the mirror fills the hairline of Riddhima. He smirks. Riddhima breaks the mirror. She gets angry on Kabir. Kabir says it is good to marry a widow. He grabs Riddhima. Riddhima gets uncomfortable. Kabir says once he loved him too than what is the problem to marry him. Riddhima says she is over from her illusion.

Kabir comes closer to Riddhima. Riddhima asks Kabir to stay away from her. Kabir says he can marry her whenever he wants to.  But he just wants to make her his wife to silent Singhania’s. Further, Kabir threatens Riddhima and says her attitude will make Singhania’s suffer. Riddhima says to Kabir to be in his limit else she will slap him once more. Kabir holds Riddhima’s hand and says his upcoming proposal is the end result of her salp only. Riddhima asks what he means. Kabir says within 6 hour she has to marry him. Riddhima stands shocked. (Episode Ends)