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The episode starts with Vansh reaching Vyom’s place. He attacks Vyom’s men. Vyom is seen playing saxophone and watches Vansh through CCTV camera. Vansh searches for Riddhima. He finds a locked room. He puts silencer in his gun and shoot the lock and opens the door. He calls out Riddhima.

Chanchal tells Dadi that Riddhima is an imposter and she overheard her conversation over phone. Dadi doesn’t believe her words. Chanchal says that the diamonds and rifle got robbed and asks her to think.

Meanwhile Vyom attacks Vansh and then says that he has taken him for an ennemy. He welcomes Vansh to his place. He reveals Riddhima’s portrait and says it’s his wife. Vansh gets shocked and says she’s his wife, Riddhima. Vyom says that he can understand him, he was shocked as well on seeing Riddhima at his house. He adds that if he hadn’t killed his wife with his hands, he would have believed that his wife is still alive. It’s a coincidence that their wifes are look-alike and they should celebrate it.

Vansh takes his gun while Vyom prepares drinks for them. Vansh asks why he hasn’t told that Riddhima looks like his wife, when he had met Riddhima at his house. Vyom says that he didn’t want to spoil their mood talking about his deceased wife, and moreover he was happy that there’s a girl, who looks like his wife. Vansh receives Angre’s call, who shares that Vyom has a bad reputation in the business world. Vansh tells him that Vyom’s wife is Riddhima’s look-alike, and he killed her. Angre tells that he got to know that Vyom’s wife is alive. Vansh was certain that Vyom isn’t trustworthy.

Vansh asks Vyom about his wife’s name. He refuses to tell her name. Vansh hits Vyom and asks where’s Riddhima. He adds that he had sent his wife to his house to destroy him. He chokes him. Vyom overpowers Vansh and holds him at gun point. He doesn’t shoot him. He helps him to stand up. Vansh says that he will find Riddhima then will end the war that he had started.

Vansh recalls Riddhima’s memory and fires the gun at the tree. He wonders where’s Riddhima and is determined to save Riddhima and his baby at any cost.

Chanchal and Anupriya confront Riddhima. They scold her. They call her an imposter and threatens to call police. Riddhima says that she’s Riddhima, Vansh’s wife and this house’s daughter-in-law. She threatens to get them arrested, if they try to harm her or her baby. Anupriya says that they know about her deal with an outsider and asks about that deal. Riddhima doubts whether Chanchal is Vyom’s spy.

Angre meets Vansh and says that he tracked the call and the call’s location is VR mansion. Vansh asks how it could be possible and realizes the call was fake. He spots Riddhima trying to call someone. A FB is shows. Vansh is interrogating Riddhima. The latter calls him and plays a recording.

Vansh calls Riddhima. Riddhima asks why he’s not answering her calls. Vansh says that he didn’t receive any call. Riddhima covers that saying she was trying to reach him, but his number is out of reach. Riddhima spots Vansh and asks if he’s spying on her. Vansh says that he needs to spy on his wife and his ennemy, since she is beautiful. She notices injuries in Vansh’s neck and asks about it, but Vansh flirts with her and cuts the call. Vansh says that she’s very smart, and they need to make a strong plan to trap her.

Riddhima phones Vyom and asks what happened with Vansh. Vyom cuts the call. She calls him again and asks how much Vansh got to know. Vyom asks her to lower her voice first. Riddhima says sorry. Vyom says that he is taking her for an imposter. Riddhima says that he will never get to know the truth. Vyom asks her to act more smart. He adds that they reached the third phase of their deal and asks her to get him a black box before that reaches Vansh. Riddhima agrees.

The episode ends.

Precap: Riddhima tries to seduce Vansh. Vansh gets a call about the black box. Riddhima informs Vyom when and where the balck box arrives.