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The episode starts with Riddhima asking Vansh how she’s looking. Vansh gets mesmerized on seeing her and says that she looks different. She entangles her fingers with him and kisses his hand. Vansh asks why her perfume is familiar to him. Riddhima gets shocked and recalls she’s dancing with Vansh in Roy’s disguise. Riddhima pushes Vansh on the bed and tells him to be quiet. She says that she will show him all the charms that he is looking on other women. She kisses him and places her head on his chest to hear his heart beat. Vansh sneezes and gets up.

Riddhima says sorry. She says that she’s trying to learn new things so that he doesn’t get bored with her. She wants to love him in new ways. Vansh says that he wants only her love and she doesn’t need to change to love. Riddhima agrees and says it looks like a deal. Vansh kisses her and says that she’s fine the way she’s. He adds that she has lot of charm. Riddhima says that she shouldn’t have done like this. He’s right. She should the way she is. Vansh hugs her and they have a moment.

Dadi finds Roy having breakfast and asks why he is eating sitting alone. Riddhima says that she has come alone so having breakfast alone. Dadi asks how is going his deal with Vansh to which Riddhima replies it’s going good. Dadi tells that Roy should eat well and his family must be worried for him. Riddhima tells that her Dadi died. She says that her Dadi had a sharp tongue and used to question everyone and took her rifle for everything. One stormy night, she took her rifle and put it into her mouth and send her straight to the hell. Dadi gets shocked hearing this. Riddhima asks if she has sharp tongue. Dadi denies. Riddhima says that it’s good else Vansh would kill her. Riddhima adds that she also killed her Bua. Dadi starts sweating hearing this. Riddhima wipes her sweat. Riddhima tells to call her if she wants to die. She will give a painful death to her. She asks again that she doesn’t have a sharp tongue. Dadi denies it. Riddhima says that she will go to paradise after death. Dadi leaves. Riddhima says that Dadi is weak a’d wonders where Vansh is.

Angre tells Vansh to end Riddhima’s Roy drama. Vansh says that Riddhima disguising as Roy brought some colors in their life and he doesn’t want to lose this moment. He says that moreover Riddhima put lot efforts and let her play the game until she wants. Riddhima hears this and realizes that Vansh fooled her. Riddhima shares about the same with Sia. The latter tells Riddhima to tell Vansh the truth thrn everything will be fine. Sia says that she can’t play for long as Vansh is very smart. Riddhima complains that Sia is taking Vansh’s side. Sia says it’s not like that. Riddhima says that she will prove Vansh that she has charm by doing something else and will teach him a lesson. Angre comes that side and Riddhima notices him.

Meanwhile Aryan and Ishani sneak into Roy’s room and search to find any clue. Aryan finds girl’s clothes in Roy’s bag. Ishani says that it must be his wife’s. Aryan asks why Roy will bring his wife’s clothes when he didn’t bring his wife along with him. Ishani says right. Other hand Riddhima calls out Angre to talk. She tells him to make a list of young girl staffs and to shift to another hotel. She says that there shouldn’t be any female staff who is more beautiful then her. She also tells to restrict the young female guests to come out of the room Angre and Sia look shocked.

Sia asks what she’s saying. Riddhima complains that Vansh told hotel female staffs are more beautiful than her. She says that she will remove all females staffs. When there will be no one, he has to see only her. Riddhima stops Angre and tells Angre to not accept any new young girl guests by making any excuses. Angre asks how she knows that Vansh knows this. Riddhima tells Angre to not act and says that she heard his conversation with Vansh. She war’s Angre and tells to not tell Vansh about this. Vansh calls out Angre.

Aryan finds make up glue in Roy’s room and tells Ishani that Roy is a woman and she’s fooling them. Aryan tells that he will expose Roy in front of Vansh. Ishani says that she saw these clothes somewhere. Aryan tells to not overthink. He says that they will click photos of these clothes and shows to Vansh and then he will get impressed with him. Riddhima takes Angre apart and tells that Vansh shouldn’t know this.

The episode ends.

Precap: Vansh calls Roy to have lunch. Angre tells Vansh Roy is waiting for him. Vansh goes to Roy. Riddhima removes her disguise. Vansh kisses her.