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The episode starts with Kabir and Aryan pushing the guns away and trying to escape. They stop seeing Aryan at the entrance door. Vansh asks them to show their face. Aryan and Kabir show their face. Vansh gets shocked. He says that he can’t believe that Aryan can take part in this cheating. Aryan says that Kabir threatened to kill him. Vansh says that he will take care of Aryan later and points gun at Kabir.

The latter says that he can’t kill him else he will break his precious ruby. Vansh reveals that the ruby’s value is just 50 Rs, he made this plan to get back his diamonds. He says that he also knows that someone is keeping an eye on him. He got his diamonds back, but he will leave empty handed. Kabir throws away Vansh’s gun. Vansh asks Angre to step back. Kabir and Vansh get into a physical fight. Vansh defeats Kabir and takes Angre’s gun and points at Kabir.

Vansh says that he succeeded to cheat him because he lives in his mansion, but today there’s only one bullet between him and his death. He adds that there’s no use of this ennemity, let’s end it. Kabir says that he can’t shoot him. He reminds Vansh that he also got opportunity to shoot him, but he didn’t because there’s fun in playing this game and not in ending it. Vansh remembers the same the incident. Vansh says goodbye Kabir.

Suddenly the lights go off, when lights come back, Kabir has escaped. Vansh says that he feels good seeing fear in ennemy’s eyes. He is certain that someone from the house is helping Kabir and wants to harm Riddhima and their child. He says that 72 hours game has begun, soon his enemies will be in front of him and he will not hesitate to punish them this time.

Anupriya says to Kabir a mother always loves his son no matter what. A FB is shown how Anupriya helped Kabir to escape. Kabir thanks her and apologizes for his rude behavior. Anupriya forgives him. Kabir says that Vansh has to pay for betraying him. Anupriya says that Vansh must be looking for him, so it’s better he escapes from there now, and attacks him in correct time. She will keep an eye on him and will be updating him. They hide seeing Riddhima coming that way talking over phone with the doctor. She takes appointment for her sonography.

Anupriya and Kabir get shocked learning that Riddhima’s baby is alive and wonder why she lied to all. Kabir asks his mom to promise him that she will not harm Riddhima or her child. She promises him. Kabir thanks her and leaves. Anupriya thinks that Kabir became blind in love, but she can’t stand Riddhima’s happiness.

Ishani receives a text from Anupriya. She learns that Riddhima’s child is alive and is shocked. Otherside Chanchal also gets doubt that Riddhima’s child is alive when the maid informs her that Vansh asked to remove all the harmful things from the room. She thinks to make a plan to turn this good into a bad news.

Riddhima comes to room. Vansh finds her tensed and asks her what happened. She says that she’s hungry, but doesn’t know what to eat, and starts crying. Vansh laughs and tries to calm her saying that this is normal to get mood swings during pregnancy. He says that he will get an ice cream for her. Riddhima gets excited. After a while, Vansh brings lot of ice creams. He says that he doesn’t know which flavor she will like, so he bought all.

Riddhima happily has the ice creams and feeds him too. Vansh says that he wants to give her and their child a safe and perfect life, so for that they have to take a big risk for a last time, the 72 hours game has started and it’s climax will be in tomorrow’s party. Riddhima supports him. They hug.

Kabir is talking to Riddhima’s photos. He says that he’s happy that her child is safe and adds that he will win in the climax of 72 hours. He will remove Vansh from her life forever, so that they both can have a new beginning. He made all the arrangements for their new life.

Vansh is caring Riddhima. He receives a call. Anupriya speaks covering the phone with a kerchief. She asks him to collect a parcel that’s left in front of the gate. He asks to hands it to the staff. Anupriya says that she got instructions to give it to him only. Vansh agrees. He asks Riddhima to have her medicines and leaves. Anupriya has a knife in her hand and says that she will kill Riddhima before Vansh comes back to the room.

Riddhima takes her medicine and then lays down to sleep. Vansh finds none at the gate. He tries to call that lady, but the number is unavailable. He asks the guard about about the lady. They say none has come with parcel. Vansh notices a shadow with a knife and runs to his room to save Riddhima.

The episode ends.