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Voot Select’s popular show Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 viewers going to witness some cute nok jhok between Riddhima and Vansh before the closure of the show.

In the previous episode it was scene that Riddhima decided to ignore Vansh while the latter decided to give Riddhima more attention. Later Riddhima ignored Vansh when he tried to talk to him. But Vansh convinced Riddhima by presenting her a gift and a rose. Riddhima learned about a man called Roy’s arrival at the hotel for two days. Riddhima disguised as Mr. Roy to spend more time with Vansh. Riddhima revealed about the same to Sia, who alerted her that Vansh can get angry if learns the truth. However Riddhima was confident that she can fool Vansh.

Roy met Vansh and Angre. Vansh introduced Roy to his family members. Vansh realised that Roy was Riddhima when he side hugged her, but didn’t show up this to her. Later Vansh called Roy to swim along with him, but Roy refused giving some excuses. Ishani brought juice for Roy. Roy insulted Ishani called her waiter and poured the juice on her dress. Roy even mocked Ishani’s dressing sense which enraged Ishani. The latter complained to Vansh, but he didn’t react. On seeing this, Ishani angrily walked away.

Aryan saw Riddhima in Roy’s room, but he didn’t recognize her as her back was facing Aryan. The latter told about the same to Ishani and Chanchal. He decided to find any clue against Roy in order to earn good name in front of Vansh.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Roy will be massaging Vansh’s shoulder. Roy will ask Vansh about his wife. Vansh will start complaining about Riddhima which will anger Roy. Vansh will start dancing with Roy.

What will happen next? Will Vansh reveal to Riddhima that he knows about her drama?

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