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Voot Select’s most popular show Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 is all set for some intresting twists and turns in the story.

In the previous episode it was seen that Riddhima received Thapa’s message asking for her friend’s photo. Riddhima clicked Sara’s photo. That time Thapa phoned Riddhima. The latter said that she’s Ishani and she will send the photo soon. Sara heard this. Sara walked away taking Riddhima’s phone and then came back and returned the phone to Riddhima saying she took her phone by mistake.

Thapa phoned Vansh and revealed that Ishani asked him to make fake documents. Vansh got shocked hearing this. Vansh went to Ishani and questioned why she needs to make her fake identity from Thapa. Ishani denied the allegation and said that she didn’t know who Thapa is. Vansh didn’t believe her.

Vansh got the photo from Thapa and showed Ishani’s photo shocking everyone. Ishani denied the allegation again and said that if she really wanted to make fake documents, she would ask Angre and would never take Vansh’s help.

Riddhima taked Sara apart and questioned her how the photo got changed. Sara revealed that she changed the photo since she didn’t trust Riddhima. Sara said that in the past Riddhima left her alone as she wanted police to arrest her. Riddhima tried to clarify her, but it was in vain. Sara told that she will kill Vansh and will not leave until she takes revenge from Riddhima.

Angre pacified an upset Ishani. The lalter asked Angre to find out who Thapa is and who called him using her identity. Angre agreed. Angre recalled Riddhima asking him about making fake documents for her friend.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Vansh will tell Riddhima to not follow him. Riddhima will say that she can feel his presence. Vansh and Riddhima will receive each other’s letter and will get happy. They meet and share a moment.

Will Vansh and Riddhima reconcile? What is stored for them ahead in the story?

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