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The episode starts with Vansh managing to catch the burning arrow that Aryan shot towards Ravan. Chanchal says that Vansh did an inauspicious thing. Everyone goes to check. They are confused seeing Vansh removing hay from Ravan. Aryan wonders how Vansh came to know that Ridhima is there.

Anupriya wonders what’s happening. Everyone gets shocked when Vansh comes ahead with an unconscious Ridhima in his arms. Dadi shouts what happened to Ridhima. Anupriya wonders if Chanchal and Aryan did this. Chanchal and Aryan are scared since, if Ridhima wakes up, she will tell everything to Vansh. Aryan says that they should take Ridhima inside.

Later, everyone is standing around Ridhima who is lying on sofa. She gets conscious. Dadi says that today it has been proved that good always win over evil and is sure that the culprit will be revealed soon. Aryan and Chanchal walk inside. Aryan asks Chanchal to change her tensed expression.

After giving water to Ridhima, Vansh asks her who did this. Ridhima points at Chanchal and Aryan. Vansh glares at them and stands up. Chanchal denies doing anything. Vansh puts juice in glass. Ridhima thinks that she knows Aryan and Chanchal are behind all this but she didn’t tell their names because she just wanted to see fear on their faces.

Vansh gives juice to Ridhima who thanks him. She tells that she fainted. Dadi says that it can happen since she fasted. She asks Ridhima to do Vijay Tilak and he deserves that since he saved her life and he loves her a lot. She doesn’t find sindoor but Ridhima says that it isn’t needed.

Ridhima makes Vansh sit on sofa and applies Vijay Tilak on his head by merging her head with his one and letting some of her sindoor get applied on his forehead. Dadi adores them.

Just then, Kabir enters the VR Mansion in a doctor’s get up. He has applied fake white eyebrows and his face is covered with mask and visor. He introduces himself as the doctor whom has just been called.