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The episode starts with Ridhima going in kitchen to make a sweet Vansh likes. Just then, she remembers Ragini and wonders what is happening to her and since when she is caring so much for him. She recalls the concern Vansh has always shown for her. She says that if he can do so much, this is liking reciprocating the favour and continues making the sweet.

Kabir leaves a note for Ridhima signed with Kabir’s name telling her that he is waiting for her in the backyard. He says that only Kabir himself can bring Ridhima back.

On the other hand, Angre thinks that the wedding didn’t happen with Ishani’s will. Ishani comes in the room angrily and before he can speak, she asks him to turn geyser on as she wants to take shower. Angre leaves. Ishani breaks a vase frustrated and says that Ridhima ruined her life by murdering Sunny first and now this wedding. She is keen on taking revenge for both. She scatters things in room here and there.

She grabs an alcohol bottle and wants to drink it but Angre tries to stop her as she is pregnant. She asks him to mind his business. Angre accidentally moves her blouse strap a little down by trying to grab the bottle and Ishani slaps him calling him pervert and warning him to stay in his limits as wedding hasn’t given him any right to touch her.

She wants to drink but Angre gets the bottle and leaves it on the stool outside the room. He goes back inside the room where ishani bashes him but Angre has had enough and says that she forced him to do so. He grabs her wrist twisting it behind her back and, while she struggles to free herself, he ties her to the bed with cloth. He also covers her mouth with cloth.

Ridhima is walking in corridor. She coughs. Someone leaves Kabir’s note under the alcohol bottle that Angre placed outside the room. Ridhima grabs it thinking it is water and drinks it.

Angre sits near Ishani and apologizes saying that he didn’t want to do this but he cannot bear her putting the baby in danger. He declares that she isn’t allowed to drink until she is pregnant.
Ridhima coughs and keeps drinking. She feels dizzy and wonders why she is seeing everything double. She notices a chit near the bottle after placing it back on stool and wonders what it is.

Kabir looks at her from far and is sure that Ridhima will run back to Kabir after reading the note. He leaves.
Ridhima opens the chit but she sees letters moving as she is dizzy. She is unable to read. She massages her head a little. Vansh sees Ridhima and comes to her asking if she is ok. Ridhima looks at him but sees double so she sees two Vansh. She asks whom she should answer.

Vansh understands she has drunk. Ridhima says that she is not that kind of girl and shows the sweet she has made. Vansh asks who made her drink though. Ridhima says that they should go to poolside to have sweet first. Vansh says that he will take her to the room but Ridhima asks him not to be stubborn. She walks towards the poolside holding Vansh who holds her back as she stumbles.

Ridhima and Vansh reach the poolside. Ridhima chuckles looking around amazed. She sits down and feels hot. Vansh ask if they should go but Ridhima stands on the sunbed saying no. She opens her eyes. Vansh insists to go away but Ridhima points the moon.

Vansh says that it comes every day. Ridhima replies that they don’t come to meet him every day and excitedly points the moon shouting. She is about to fall but Vansh holds her. She thanks him. He asks if they should go but she says that she hasn’t eaten sweet yet. She makes him sit and gives the sweet. They both notice the chit on floor.

Ridhima grabs it before Vansh can do that and tries to read it. Kabir is seen waiting for Ridhima. The latter doesn’t let Vansh read the note and makes a paper boat with it putting it on the water of the pool. Vansh stares at her amused. Ridhima laughs and sprinkles some water on Vansh. Title track plays. Vansh stands up and removes his scarf saying that she made a big mistake by teasing him and she knows that he doesn’t keep any debt.

Ridhima starts running around pool. Vansh walks behind her and catches her. They look at each other. A curtain falls on them. They start getting closer. Kabir comes there and looks at them. He thinks that this is why Ridhima didn’t come. He decides to do something to make Ridhima choose between the promise she made to him and Vansh’s love. He leaves.

Ridhima and Vansh and brought into reality by Ishani screaming for help. Vansh says that she might be in danger and asks Ridhima to sit there. He gives her water and asks her to finish it by the time he comes back. He leaves. Ridhima sits there with water but notices that Vansh didn’t eat sweet yet.

Meanwhile, Angre asks Ishani to eat something but she refuses asking him to free her. Dadi and Vansh come there. Ishani hugs Vansh and sheds crocodile tears blaming Angre for tying her and trying to molest her. Angre tries to speak but Vansh stops him.

Vansh breaks the hug and tells Ishani that he knows she is lying as Angre has been working for him since years and won’t do anything like this. Angre apologizes for tying Ishani’s feet and explains that she was going to drink and it isn’t good for her pregnancy so he had to do that.

Dadi scolds Ishani for stooping so low and asks her to think about her family too. Vansh tells Angre that he doesn’t need to defend himself since Ishani is his wife and now onwards he has right on her before them so he can decide how to handle her craziness. He warns him to remember that Ishani is his sister though. Vansh tells Ishani that Ridhima got her bottle and drank it thinking it is water so now she is drunk and he has to handle her, facing the consequence of Ishani’s mistake. He leaves, followed by Dadi.

Ishani thinks that everyone is chanting Ridhima’s name only. She decides to do something with Ridhima before Angre.
Ridhima hears footsteps and thinks Vansh is back so she asks her to eat the sweet which is very tasty. However, it is Kabir who takes her name. She remembers Kabir’s voice. She stands up and looks on but Devraj is there. She wonders why she felt like she heard Kabir’s voice. Kabir think that this game of love is going to be more interesting.
Episode ends